Kobe Rugby Information Rugby World Cup 2019TM Information from Host City Kobe.

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Access information to the match venue

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Travel information

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  • ・Please follow directions from the staff when traveling to and from the venue.
  • ・Subway Kaigan Line “Wadamisaki Station” and JR “Wadamisaki Station” are used by many of the employees of neighboring companies for commuting. Because it becomes full at Nozaki Park Station, so please do not use both stations to ensure safety.
  • ・There is no dedicated parking for spectators. Please avoid coming by car, motorcycle, and bicycle.
  • ・No parking is allowed around the venue. Picking up and dropping off (including taxi) is not allowed. (Please avoid the restricted area.)
  • ・Due to large crowds, spectators may experience delays when entering the stadium and we recommend you arrive early, allowing 60 minutes to clear security and access your seat.
  • ・Items that are prohibited from being brought into match venues include but are not limited to;(Rugby World Cup 2019™ Ticket Terms)

    Weapons of any type, food or drinks (absolutely no food or drink will be permitted into match venues. This includes alcoholic & non-alcoholic beverages, lunch boxes, etc.), cans or bottles, metal containers, long umbrellas, any luggage, selfie sticks, drones, flares, radio wave communication devices (such as walkie-talkies, wireless microphones, Wi-Fi (wireless LAN) routers etc.)

  • ・Flying drones is not permitted around the venue.
  • *Due to safety reasons, the number of people leaving from the south square may be limited after completion of game because the maximum number of people entering “Misaki-Koen Station” is restricted. To avoid the crowd, please walk to JR “Hyogo Station” or use the special direct bus to JR Hyogo Station (Kasamatsu 7 Chome bus stop, 8 min, 210 yen).
  • * Please use public transportation IC cards for smooth and convenient transportation.
    ICOCA : These are sold at the ticket machines at the following major stations. Anyone can purchase. (1,000 yen (including deposit 500 yen))

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    West Japan Railway Company, Hanshin, Hankyu, Kobe New Transportation, Keihan, Osaka Metro, Nankai, Kyoto Municipal Transportation Bureau

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  • ★Please check Twitter @Japan2019_JP / @Japan2019_ENG for the latest transportation information.

Traffic Control

Game Schedule Entrance
Gate open
Game Time
(expected end time)
Traffic control time(planned)
※②④xcludes residents
26 September
17:45 19:45~21:20 16:45(Area is 20:50)
to Around 22:50
30 September
17:15 19:15~20:50 16:15(Area is 20:20)
to Around 22:20
3 October
17:15 19:15~20:50 16:15(Area is 20:20)
to Around 22:20
8 October
17:15 19:15~20:50 16:15(Area is 20:20)
to Around 22:20
  • ・On the day of the game, traffic regulations will be implemented in the following areas.
  • ・Please get on and off buses and taxis on the day of the game outside the parking restrictions.