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Rokko Gakuin Junior/Senior high school


Rokko mountain in the back、Consistent education private school is located on a hill overlooking the sea and the city of Kobe Rokko Gakuin junior high school & high school。The wound on the 0/1981 Rugby Club junior high school 17、And belongs to members of the high school 15 32、A working practice。
The idea of Rugby Football Club、Schools as “MAGIS (Magis).。
From the Latin word which means more。Try to aim higher than the current one to try。

Junior high school and high school students with the practice。Senior high school sophomore 10 pulls the team。We can create the atmosphere staff have been converted from other sports rugby beginners can play go ahead’s features。
In 2018, and Nada high school team in the rookie of the year、In the national high school Rugby tournament regulars school hotoku Gakuen licked 0-130 and bitters。In the spirit of the MAGIS challenge continuing decline, still captures that could touch Rugby at the national level plus a members without。
An adviser to us English 2 teacher members about “spirit of sacrifice in the goodness of the Rugby、The spirit of themselves for others to use。Opponents hope not around and I had of cherish a feeling of gratitude to the people、Hope you enjoyed the game of rugby from the heart。To become a presence in school life became a sign of Rugby Football Club, placed at a glance、We work hard to balance study and Rugby firmly、I want society to flap, and universities wishing to “and you can feel。

Place the captain high school and junior high school in each。Wu this Hiroki Lord General’s high school、Each team pulls Noguchi daiki Captain junior high school。Both from the lower grades of elementary school Rugby experience.。
Solely on the number of members present of that can’t be played tournament、Both “personal、By increasing the capacity of individuals intend to strengthen the team “and align the mouth。
The Wu this captain of the high school “the current team is a good team full of personality。Speed、Tackles, including、So 15 people gathered each time to demonstrate power、Personality make working practices “and told us that the current team。
High school many of the national high school Rugby tournament is held at the end of that aim at the berth of the so-called “flower garden”、Rokko Gakuin High School Rugby Football Club is the prefectural tournament in early spring、7-a-side tournament and third-year students to retired Club in preparation for college entrance examination。

With experience in Rugby School Itami belonging to elementary school participated in the National Convention、Noguchi captain of the junior high school “would want for the martial arts、Enrolled in the Academy of Rokko。Trained mentally and physically in sports、Want to train through studying human nature “and talk about the chance of admission。
In the lugger Adachi Professor, to grin “I think our Rugby Club a little wasted talent?”、Martial arts in both Rugby and study in the spirit of the MAGIS aiming for the heights struggling。


Blog Rugby Club, established in 2007、This listed on the initial entry。
“Those who aim at Rugby Football Club since its inception、The course is winning as a competitive sport、More than that、Under what conditions spared no effort to、Resilience as a human being with compassion、Rokko student with a spirit of sacrifice and service.、And the raising of future “good father”。”
The expression of members of the current Rugby just “win”, but not、You can feel the commitment to rugby placed emphasis on the “human development”。I’m looking forward oftomorrow trigger social Rugby Club artists。