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Hyogo prefecture Yumenodai High School

While being a public school, Yumenodai High School rugby department boasts a history of over 68 years.。
They are active by sharing the ground which can not be said to be wide by baseball club,、softball club、men’s and women ‘s football club、and athletics section in total。
They practice for an hour and a half on weekdays, 、around two hours on holidays, 、and practice intensively 、using the limited time effectively.。


Currently the rugby club has 7 third graders、11 second graders、5 first graders 、totaling 27 people. 。The feature of the team is autonomy of players. 。From the construction of practice menus to practice、practicing time management is mainly conducted by athletes。
Professor Nagasaki said about the background。”A rugby club advisor at that time was transferred to another school three years ago.、I did not have rugby experience, but students started to decide practice menus by themselves.。By thinking,、 there is a positive influence on self-management、and we are working with independence without waiting for instructions. He is evaluating the positive attitude of the students.。


It is Kouta Horiuchi Captain who pulls a team to work autonomously。
He is one of the few experienced in rugby 、from the early childhood to junior high school students.。
We asked him about the atmosphere and taste of the team、”We share ideas and put points of improvement during practice regardless of the grade level。I will take the area with the backs’ kicks and passes、and go forward with going back and backs to get a try before goal。
He proudly responded Regarding the aspect of practicing with ourselves,、It became efficient as we practiced to think about the time between menu and menu so as not to waste time。so the menu is improved、Because it will be biased、we want to devise some ingenuity、”while constantly feeling, I am constantly thinking with an ambition。
Regard of the voice that is one of life lines for rugby、we have a commitment that、”anyone can do it regardless of experience or inexperienced person.” 。


The immediate goal as a team exceeded the second round in the prefectural gross.。Although I could break through the first game in recent years,、it has been rebounded on the wall of the second round.。It is true that I want to break the wall of the second round and “I want to aim for the best 8” (Horiuchi Captain said).。


Finally Mr. Nagasaki asked for expectations to the players.。”Through rugby, 、athletes are becoming tough enough mentally.。It is possible to switch on 、and off well by practicing with the subjectivity。I experienced in the past three years Carefully, 、I want to proceed to the next step by them. ”
The Yumenodai high school where the adversity that there is no full-time coach 、will be a plus without taking it as a handicap and the player’s ownership is nurtured.。 This year I will face the whole prefecture with a team to break the wall of the second round.。