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Hyogo Prefectural Kobe Kohoku High School



【使用】IMG_0499Women’s Rugby Club is on Kobe MiG-Kita high school in Kobe, Kita-ku, large side units are、Going 7-a-side Rugby Sevens from the Rio de Janeiro Olympic Games as an official event was called.。






Koji Takarada teacher

– We asked Teacher Koji Takarada who set up women’s rugby club in 2010, which is quite unique in Japan. –

“Rugby again wanted anything unsafe, there are images that。
But children are different.。Because the 7-a-side in the 15-a-side and the same background、Less widely collide each other between people and things.。
It than running around a path、Is a tag-like sport。Women can do this。
The men’s will be banged one play to do until the end、That’s women’s、While leaving the availability to play so tired easily。

Sevens Sevens run around the big background lends itself to women’s。”




IMG_0395By 2015, “national high school women’s Sevens rugby tournament” get into the semifinals, leaving record to ensure。OG for the Japan national team (Sakura Sevens) players are coming out。 Much hope that things can be seen in the Tokyo Olympics in 2020 from Kobe to active world against women’s Rugby Union Japan national team。
Kobe-Kita Konan senior high school women’s Rugby Football Club nicknamed “WildHeracules:Wild Heracles.。
To rotate the path through the background players、Heroes of Greece myth overlap provoked。
Keep an eye on the activity of the next Kobe Konan high school women’s Rugby Football Club。