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Hyogo Prefectural Kobe High School

IMG_0016Kobe high school is located in Nada-Ku, Kobe City through、Celebrates the history of the school from the 0/1895 public school。
Back up to 0/1926 old Rugby Club history。
Dark blue (Navy Blue) Jersey’s colorful history of rugby in Kobe、Many people feel nostalgic。
In the past national high school Rugby tournament in Hyogo participated as representatives nine times and, name of the old-timers。
Thick-walled private powerhouse schools in recent years、That continues to the next round.、”Fighting” in the words of the traditional chest comforting to daily practice、The aim to garden。







– We asked Mr. Yosuke Hirotsu who served as a captain. –

“Kobe high school is also the scholastic busy、Endowed with both facilities, such as ground is hard to say.、There are love Rugby, Rugby Football Club。I also took over the tradition、Come to see our junior practice。In the juniors look at Hanazono aiming for hope。”






Masayuki Yamase teacher

– We asked Teacher Masayuki Yamase, advisor to the rugby team, about the team. –

“Kobe high school has a tradition of voluntary、Players decide not practising any。This year also aims to the garden。”Women’s player work in a small but intense exercise had。
“It was very fun。”And he speaks with a smile、Was in the landscape during the traditional feel of Kobe。
Manager moves and、From now on because of players ‘、60 as onigiri。
In the shade of the resurrection power of the Manager and、Just around the corner is the revival of the traditional school。