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Kitakobe Rugby Club


In Kita-ku, Kobe-Shi arino elementary school ground activity based in Northern Kobe Rugby Club celebrates 20th anniversary in 2018。From preschool through junior high school students is the total of 100、Have fun dad and rugby coach。


“From a baby-step up yo-yos、I’m ”
And it’s me answering our questions with a smile、MAKINO Tomoki representative。
That means Makino representative “is walking (waddling) from、Until you cannot walk (yo-yos)、Lifelong enjoyment in the sport of Rugby Union is working under the motto。Elementary school、Even time away from Rugby, and graduated from the junior high school、Enjoys children and rugby in the feeling you want to cherish your mate resulted in rugby。”And told me。
Twice a month、Using the ground nearby at night、Have too of all ages to enjoy Rugby Rugby Union Square。


General Rugby School located across the、Instructors and coaches on each grade level, are taught、The Northern Kobe Rugby Club “staff are all dad。Rugby experienced some dad got has a central role in the、Also all the other dad together have children with Rugby “that has featured。
In the practice of early childhood、Even his dad to help children practice hug leave the children with her in the。
“Like that、But I think another school which is not、My, I’m normal. “and Makino representative live gaze with a smile。


One of the characteristics of Northern Kobe Rugby Club’s ofk。
That’s the image with a border pattern large ofk、To adopt the innovative design of the 4-color since our inception。
“By using 4-color diversity、Represents the diversity。Rugby is the sport with the diversity from、We respect the individual。Children with disabilities are actively accepting and、Supports also work in other sports as well as rugby.
And Makino representative explained what it means。
In Northern Kobe Rugby Club OB、Valley Ho Jiro players active in adult Toshiba brave Lupus。From the second grade rugby.、Turned from a junior high school athletics。
Trained Rugby in versatile abilities and flowering in athletics、That was in place targeting Tokyo Olympics in the Decathlon after the Tsukuba University School、Looking at variations being an avid teaser from Toshiba Rugby Football Club and was again turned to rugby is now a Tokyo Olympic Games compete in the Rugby Sevens。
Is not a episode unique to Northern Kobe Rugby Club OB just to respect the diversity of。


Of course Daddy touching directly with children in the background、Mothers to support it’s staff of Northern Kobe Rugby Club。
Talked to MOM to play fifth and sophomore brothers。
“Fifth-grade son goes from kindergarten this year.。His father is like rugby、At the time thought we only want to play with、The same kindergarten friends went here。
Is a kind of care、Rugby began in grows little by little。To pass the physical appearance、Can bring a sense of camaraderie and who work hard to see that as a parent、I am very happy。Look cool well growing up, I。
Northern Kobe Rugby Club is the caring father coach who、Us to raise the motivation。The sport itself is hard、Thanks for working happily.
And now the us talking about environment is equipped。


By 2015, a lot of kids that want to tackle after the Rugby World Cup Rugby、Look of 2019 Rugby World Cup after elementary school-generation athletic population increase is much expected together。
Message for children who want to start playing Rugby and asked to Makino。
“Rugby is a tag with a ball、Free sport.。And you can play without any special abilities or skills、Every child has a position。Enjoy your Rugby。”
Emphasize the diverse nature of rugby, tackling Northern Kobe Rugby Club、Fun is the growth of children