Kobe's Rugby Information Rugby World Cup 2019 Toward holding Kobe

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University of Marketing and Distribution Sciences Women’s Rugby Football Club(Kobe RYUKA)


From 2012, five years ago, now is a wound at Yamanashi Gakuin University in Kobe University Women’s Rugby Football Club。
Itani Akio GM busied themselves with men’s Rugby Club to visit Kobe MiG-Kita high school、From Saida k. teachers launched the 2010 women’s Rugby Football Club of the school “does not make a women’s Rugby Club at Yamanashi Gakuin University? “And was hailed in trigger。

7-a-side rugby was as an official event of the Olympic Games and the men and women in the wind、Are steadily strengthening and dissemination of the national women’s Rugby Union。But the reality is incontrovertible sense of competition environment compared to other Olympic sports still stepping on the White。
The Yamanashi Gakuin University Rugby Football Club is wound to women at that time were entered in the Kansai area University category continues to compete、How to go to College in the Kanto District、Choice that belong to club teams will be limited to the weekend’s main activities?。
UMDs have artificial turf field is now fulfilling that started.、The University owns a women’s Rugby Club in the nearby Prefecture of Hyogo increasing、Expected competition continuing vocational。


Activities currently works as a club team based on distribution scientific University Women’s Rugby Football Club “Kobe by RYUKA”。In addition one Member to attend the University of Osaka and Kyoto、Wide 38-year-old from a 13-year-old junior high school students practice only if you include are the generation。
Ask team featuring Itani GM and “bright、Being full of harmony “and answer。
Yet over the centuries that also、Not that players seeking rapid results。
“Limited their activities in the fun。Become a team from Hyogo Prefecture Rugby features like go feedback、I think ”
Frank enjoy junior high school students and college students with a smile in the idani GM says eye sight is spreading。
Activities of the team’s from April 12-7-a-side、From December through March 15-a-side and have done training for competitions are organized in each。
Its participation as a core fiscal 2019 Sun life women’s series big goals at last、Qualifying competitions in June, first of all,( Taiyo Life replacement fight entry right in late November Acquisition).)To refine your targeting。
Also has experience playing with Kobe steel、Keio University three years experience in Japan and sometimes also under the command of the annular shojiro Director、Head coach k. takarada、Kitano drug coach、Inoue Satoshi coach、Morita light, trainers, players, staff and players together as a team, going to the goal。


Okada Erika athletes playing as fullback in the 15-a-side has been go to Yamanashi Gakuin University from Kyoto Seika high school。Originally had been playing softball、The challenge at the time Kyoto Seika high school women’s rugby football club was established to。Evaluates the play full speed、Kansai representative of the women’s 3 regional rival in 2017、Has been elected as a Western Japan squad 15-women’s zonal tournament in 3/2018。
“Took on the challenge, partly because relatives had a rugby experience。To stop the opponent and put the body in the team feel charms of rugby。The age of members come from various schools by RYUKA Kobe、Have some fun playing Rugby team。In the East and West against taking the Tri, wants to contribute to the team “and told us。



Finally the Itani GM 2019 passion for Rugby World Cup.、I heard about this Kobe by RYUKA。
“As was noted in flat PyeongChang 2018, won an Olympic medal in curling at the car her daughter、We expect together glance of the domestic Rugby in the year 2019。There can be of so much when I play women and for people who want to be。Kobe held as a team、I think support is of course contribute volunteer activities, including。
Sharing Science University Women’s Rugby Club is central Kobe by RYUKA, although、They belong to the other universities are welcome to attend。Exercise participation elementary school students because it is accepted from students over five years、Please feel free to charge。”

2019 Rugby World Cup Kobe will be to tap the gates of women’s rugby to Kobe by RYUKA、2024 groupers to compete in the women’s Rugby Sevens also at the 2028 Olympic Games as a Japan representative、So “from Kobe to the world” in hope that the story might be interesting。