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Nada High School

IMG_0560Nada high school is located in Kobe, higashinada-Ku, uozaki-kitamachi private、Respect of independence and autonomy、One of the nation’s high schools。
Is the image of the sport、Emergence of Rugby Club in 1948 and in Hyogo Prefecture in the third old traditional school。
High School Rugby Club 6-year utilizing the strengths of the integrated education system、With experienced players from the junior high school。
Heisei 26 Hyogo Prefectural high school rugby football Rookie of the year race and Hyogo Kinki high school Rugby tournament、
0/2015 Prefecture Sports Festival and two consecutive competitions into the quarterfinals。







Nobuo Muto teacher

–Asked about the Rugby Club Advisor Nobuo Muto (mutounobuo) teacher。–

“From the atmosphere of freedom and autonomy、Many students are compatible with the Student Council activities、Students are busy for、Practice also rely on personal judgment。
However,、And to share the finer image from advantage from the junior high school, the practice、Great concentration of students in ni臨mete practice or a game.。”
The players wearing a red Jersey and “NADA” written on the back、High-quality、Had good tempo does a tight practice。






There are totally committed to their studies, not、Was the face of the lugger。
Had come to watch the juniors practicing OB in the background until this spring were enrolled in the University of Tokyo Rugby Club。
Said University of Tokyo Rugby Club Nada high school alumnus has many。
Kobe Rugby is connected and the University’s biggest.。Nada high school Rugby Club、In the spirit of autonomy and、Leave the Grand Slams while enjoying the academics and sports、Was reminiscent of the Rugby CLUB ethos。