Kobe's Rugby Information Rugby World Cup 2019 Toward holding Kobe

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Kobe City College of Technology


Located in Kobe-Shi Nishi-Ku, Gakuen-Higashi-machi Kobe municipal industrial technical college (hereinafter:Kobe College),、Established in 1963, public vocational high school (five years)。
Rugby Club and worked as a powerhouse school always national higher technical school Rugby tournament、Proud of winning nine times in the past。
National higher technical school rugby football tournament、Has been in recent years continuous held in Kobe、National higher technical school Rugby Club、Always aiming for “Kobe”。But Kobe and the Rugby is connected.。

Practice of Kobe College Rugby Football Club is a five-day week、Prohibits the practice time is 2 hours。





Professor Satoshi Komorita

– We asked Professor Satoshi Komorita, adviser to the rugby team about the reason for the practice time-

“And decided students would need time to devote to tasks and reporting。Cannot and do not have so much time as、Busy studying。However,、I’m better able to focus on practice this。”
The listed ‘martial arts’ as a Science College Rugby Football Club、Trouble also took advantage、Are dedicated to rugby。

– We asked Professor Satoshi Komorita as to the Kobe’s role of hosting the Rugby World Cup 2019 held in Japan ?

“Fewer children to rugby。The world’s premier game is seen in Kobe、Rugby is、Infuture be more children to play.。I am looking forward。”



【使用】IMG_0344Kobe College Rugby Football Club nicknamed “WildBoars:Wild boar (wild boar) “and continue in the”scholar athlete”hoping to Kobe College Rugby Football Club、Want to support national higher professional school Rugby tournament will be held in Kobe!。