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Kobe Shinwa Women’s University Rugby Club


Kobe SHINWA women’s University in 1966, established。
Many of the graduates working as teachers、That University has come up with unique strengths、Attends many university students teachers。


2011 thing was opportunity to inaugurate University Rugby Football Club。
Japan National Rugby Union team、From having played with Kobe steel corporate Rugby career with Hirao, Takeshi Associate Professor、The school’s strong demand seems to trigger the birth of rugby、It was in fact demand from students。
Visiting the Hirao teacher with students in Kobe Konan high school women’s rugby was “because you want to make Rugby Club Advisor or not? “And was first commissioned in。
“Had decided to launch a club that should be the faculty advisor、Have a good look at Faculty! I’m not (laughs) “and Hirao teacher recalled at that time。


The current number of members is less than 20、Activities each week.。
The majority of the members attending junior sports education in beginner began playing Rugby from the University。
About the background of the Rugby Club, Hirao teacher “perished in the sport have been working up to high school students.。But physical activity、Want to do something like exercise。Thanks for such students to choose Rugby。Beginner get started from the University of、Compared to been enhanced given, such as basketball and volleyball Club、Beginning is easy “and told me。
High school’s softball and basketball club、It has been working on volleyball。


Weekly activities that may、Current participation in top level have not。
“Every year participates to the beach rugby tournament。Because increasing the number of people participating to touch Rugby tournament? Thinking it is.
Practice is beginning to practice the basics, such as path、Other nourishing proactively through training, such as class position、Have a better understanding of the rules。

In practice without contact, such as tackles the whole、Members wishing to go only guidance.。
9/2017 from 3 months to 11 months、Held at Kobe SHINWA women’s University organized by the Japan Rugby Football Union “after-school Rugby programs.。
In the programs that tackle Rugby Academy format on weekdays after school from elementary school to junior high school women’s Lager。
Members who took part in support positions in this program felt great changes and harvesting Hirao teacher。
“Many students come to school aiming at teachers and sports leaders may、Calling out to elementary school students, taking up communication、And show a willingness to reverse to less experienced junior asked me about Rugby、I felt human growth。”
But there’s consummate win once a week is not a principle of activity、During the class, the team many incorporate promotes “think about rugby.。
Develop communication skills through Rugby、Connecting to the growth of the members。


Approaching year end 2019 Rugby World Cup Kobe meeting、About members how they want involved in meeting、I heard Mr. Hirao。
“One of the three major sports world、So many people come from around the World Rugby World Cup held in Japan and Kobe、I think members in this festival actively to participate and。And if the stadium worth、I wish more people watch Rugby when inviting friends, who watched in。It is even a little hope to the people watching the Rugby first.
Hirao teacher from practicing until inquiries from beginning to end in smile was、The game of rugby sports、Spare no effort to feel from both sides of the sports watch。Good relations and trust such a teacher, enjoy the Rugby Club members who left deep impression。