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BIG WAVE(Kobe over40 Rugby football club)

The Rugby football, which is a sport where the body and the body bump into each other violently, generally said to be the peak as an active player until the late 20s. However, even if they retire from the front line, there are still many rugby players who chase the rugby balls and continue to be a lifelong active in the club rugby world.

Senior generation rugby called Fuwaku rugby, age-matched game of each 10 years separated by pants color, game of mixed age, etc. have been held and established in Japan as one of lifelong sports.

BIG WAVE was founded in 1991 as Hyogo prefecture-based 40-year-old and over 40 rugby club team. The youngest is 40 years old, the oldest is 76 years old and nearly 100 members with age difference 36 years old are enrolled.

Most of the members were rugby players during on the school days, but some are rich in variety, including rugby inexperienced members who joined the team.


BIG WAVE is mainly engaged in holding about 100 games totaling about 50 games in the 60’s / 70’s category and about 50 games in the 40s / 50s category.

Their goal is the “Hyogo-prefecture over 40’s club championship” organized by the Hyogo Prefecture Rugby Association.

Unlike the works team that is acting as the rugby department inside the company, the characteristics of the club rugby are various members gathering from age, hometown and workplace. The activity fee is based on the membership fee brought by the members themselves, and the usage fee of the ground is divided by participating members each helding.

They have no ground that can always be secured, so securing practice places is one of their troubles.
Of course it is no wonder that there are members absent on the active day, as jobs and families are given priority.

They are constantly recruiting new subscribers, especially for members in their 40s and 50s who become managerial positions in the workplace and children are growing busy and somewhat.

Currently, Mr.Satoshi Fujimoto serves as a captain.
He encountered rugby at Kobe City College of Technology College.
Before long, he had been started work and became to play again with the coaching team of the rugby school where the his child entered Kawasaki city of Kanagawa prefecture. When he returned to Kobe from my hometown, he searched over 40 club teams on the internet and became a member of BIG WAVE. “I am happy with the atmosphere and I was able to adapt quickly,” and looked back on those days.

Currently, he plays a role of putting together a large group of nearly 100 people who have members in Kyushu.

“This is our motto, we are constantly thanking my family, colleagues, fighting team, referee and I am rugbying.To continue the team for a long time the members of my 40’s and 50’s will increase, and we are looking for peers who can enjoy enjoyable club life.”


Such Fujimoto captain sent a line of sight and said, “He is unique and interesting,” it is Mr. Makoto Ishino.
His occupation is exporting fish abroad in fish wholesale business, self-employed person.
In his school days there was no experience of rugby, and at the timing when his own child began rugby school, he was invited by the coach team of the rugby school, and “For nearly 40 years” he was doing rugby.
He is also one of the founding members of BIG WAVE.

He said with laughing, about reason for continue play rugby, “Because I never nothing do if it even at home”
“It is fun to be with everyone, I want to continue until I am told to get out,” he told.

Mr. Ishino, who has been playing in the club rugby for many years, says “Try has only done three times.”
“All team members say it’s a lie, you have not even tried three times ” with laughing.

Mr. Ishino, whose mouth moves more than the feet, saying “Pass more gently to me” or “Running is so hard” during practice, this is also interesting because it reflects on the natural scene of Fuwaku Rugby.

“Leaving the legacy” is listed as one of the missions held by the Rugby World Cup Japan Competition.
Although the tournament is getting closer and excitement is increasing, it is rare to see the sight of rugby balls still flying in the town.

This may be decades ahead, but if the seniors actively playing the rugby, like baseball and softball, can be seen on a daily basis, holding the rugby world cup Japan tournament is a real success.
At that time, there should be BIG WAVE in the center of Fuwaku Rugby in Kobe.