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Kobe Municipal science and technology high school



In the background working in the same practice members、Boasting is toiling to Hyogo Prefecture high schools with the most number of members、Kobe City Science and technology high school Rugby Club。





1,Second-year students just 46、Include third-year students and 67 and by far the most。Also participated in the meeting in Hyogo Prefecture 31 times from the wound、Third 20 times.、Lined name final four regulars always once and runner-up teams.。




Ms. Morita crystals because of the strength and the number of members should be directed to。
“”Identical “activities to basic school Rugby Club。Both experienced and inexperienced everyone’s do the same practice、Game alone in the year 240 games、3 team because one person per year 80-game equal experience。’



In addition to “all equally under equal conditions、Impartially give a chance to the official game played in the same practice。Why not give up and quit。People come。”Coach says、Likened to a theme park Rugby Football Club。In addition to incorporating warranties”career”、To defend the dignity and self-realization of every student is important。




As well as initiatives that “one 1役”or”leaders Conference”, such as、Encourage responsibility and independence in place and role to give to everyone。As well as tournament results、Day to day process and the players、Gaining the trust of their parents or guardians。”There are always reasons things。”So theory formalized description felt the mechanism of technical high schools。





Same activity、Not to mention the bond between players and coach was given to equal opportunities in equal conditions, strong。
That team’s goal was “flower garden” and of course when and、In addition to the “County competition finals、Is beating powerhouse schools。”With that。

Was to achieve in the not-too-distant future so floats on eyes。