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Kobe, seiryo high school



And focusing on sports, such as with male and female physical education specialty course is in Kita-ku, Kobe Kobe hongneung Gakuen high school、”Schools have a place in which students embody” to advance private high school。Reported effort eight years Buri are working as a single team Rugby Football Club。




Advisor, who is also Vice President of Hyogo Prefecture Rugby Football Union、We interviewed Prof. Matsubara iron。
“Until the last few members、Have worked as a team、Single activity became possible, to join the club life members 12 year。’




Was heavily involved in uniforms presented from OB。In the second year last year was working in the joint team and Captain goto you hear “activities in single team can keep up the 1st grade, drew! ‘ And told us with a smile。For the game play through the sleeves from the OB staff uniforms、Practicing。




184 cm large players from 148 cm tall Petite players to practice、Experience、Newbie、The junior high school age, the player itself is difficult to go to school.、The various players is one。
That’s why、”Each of the players in place and。It is the Rugby Club of。”And even tighter look of his talk while watching the rehearsal in gentle father.、Lugger was。



Matsubara teacher told finally “2019 Rugby World Cup when some legacy children want to leave’ got?、Can’t help without expecting lots of “place” remains as a legacy two years later。