Kobe's Rugby Information Rugby World Cup 2019 Toward holding Kobe

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Hyogo Prefectural seiryo high school



The world’s longest suspension bridge、Close-up view of the Akashi-Kaikyo Bridge of seiryo high school、The prefecture’s leading rugby goal permanent Rugby only of Grand。
And echo the voice of the 67 years of tradition and experience Rugby Club、Look at the practice or meet the players what cheerful and wishes、Finding a men’s players have not lost per female players。In the grade 1 Hirotsu Yuu。


She currently basketball and Rugby Club, faculty and、In out of school even attending Rugby School、Japan Rugby Football Association women’s Sevens Youth Academy is convened.。
First Rugby Union led by with former Japan National Rugby、And that the influence of his father made out of Kobe steel 7 consecutive World Championship、Told us with a smile and fun。Answer with the aim to hear clearly “is gold! “And felt his smile answered seem。


Asked about Watanabe, Masaya teacher Advisor “because some sports moments and that tight tight、Joy of victory to take care “more words”uninteresting exercises don’t want’ just、The practice teacher came? Heard and。Have told me with a smile “is the practice itself has come so may not have is.”、The depth of its experience is reflected in the current guidance will。
n the 2019 tournament、Is transferred, the transfer to the Rugby Club OB activities can be supported by creating a system、I felt love for the entire high school Rugby。


County total of victory、School Rugby Club competes across the country meeting、Everyone from this support, such as OB and family will experience “the joy of winning” a lot。