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Hyogo Hyogo high school



One of the prefecture’s biggest school in Nagata-Ku, Kobe-Shi Hyogo high school、Rugby Football Club is the school of 88 years of tradition、Public as well as many students go on to College、Even the martial arts to draw pictures Rugby Department boasts a 13th contestant to the National Convention [Garden]。




History of Momose Tatsuo teacher in 1988 and became Director of the first OB visit to talk to ground out and、Beside the drinks and protein、Found a lot of “onigiri”。Asked why Manager、Eating rice balls ago practice、You have done the exercise after eating “food train”。Also thanks to the other and、Club: players 65 kg 2 years on the raw end 90 kg is like。All balls are cooked during lunch break and after school manager, holds a、The amount of 7.。Made the pledge from former rice。Note、During a practice game in school、Also a partner school:。Students must be surely looking forward to。


Practice time is a part-time high school、And until the full school 17:50、Considering the preparation and clean up real 90 minutes。Very short practice end.、Momose, Tatsuo teacher talk and ask、She says “next year because the best 4 aim’。n the 2019 tournament、So many very high ability students、Always aware of everything、That approach also lead educational aspects of。



Captain “notes to other people、Listen as your guidance! “And justifiably so was out loud。
Good tempo、Leaders encourage the awareness and growth in practice such flows are very natural and convincing ranged。




And finally to Kikuchi’s new captain Club to ask why “when you were sitting in the stands、Momose teacher and manager who brought rice ball… “and shyly told。
n the 2019 tournament、”By consensus in all of the garden works hard to the goal! “And feel the style of leader said one step ahead dream coach。



I hope the leaders who are “onigiri” power with power。