Kobe's Rugby Information Rugby World Cup 2019 Toward holding Kobe

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Hyogo Prefectural mikage high school



High school, mikage is higashinada-Ku, Kobe、Seven years after 1948 was current of mikage high school and educational reforms, and predecessor of no. 3 Kobe higher girls ‘ school in 1941、Among the established 76 years of tradition。Women’s Club members also enrolled the school Rugby Football Club、According to the Japan Rugby Football Union last year.、2019 Rugby World Cup Diffusion enlightenment project.、Such as international exchange program through the Rugby to send players to the Auckland, New Zealand、Doing a variety of activities。



Department policy、Enomoto Takashi exhibition teacher advisors we interviewed。
“And the new captain’s decision、Goal、Practice menu and time to think players、To decide。Urging growth including the sense of responsibility in doing that decided。Also, OB and around easy-to-get help from is、Need help to learn。’

While respecting the autonomy of Enomoto teacher、Determine the direction where to suit you?、Approach guiding the trust from the players too thick。Also another good thing about incorporating was to practice thinking。



Fuzhou Xiang tree new captain to also interviewed。
“And until last year had not made calls or basic scores but we lost, so very frustrating、Is to try to change it now。Aim is semi-finalist in the tournament! ‘

Certainly、Practice on the day of the staff often out too many voices、It seems enough as the captain。Thinking approach to team-mate even seems to go。I think we want to exceed goals。


Heard the 2019 World Cup expectations。
“Class at the community and、How the Rugby World Cup, regional activity to do? Conduct research on the theme、Held at Kobe University。
Loves sports so the future physical education teachers for going to University、I think 2019 in the World Cup as a volunteer actively participate! ‘



The figure clearly told us that the vision 2019、Going beyond the trust are very important to Enomoto teacher autonomy、Bore as a team captain。