Kobe's Rugby Information Rugby World Cup 2019 Toward holding Kobe

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HS team.(Kobe City God Harbor high school、Hyogo Prefectural Higashi Nada high school、Kobe Municipal Suma sho-style high school、Kobe Korean senior high school)



First day of spring weekend of overeating、The rain hit the bottom of the cold、Of the high school students for the practice game, start up with team-mate in the various high school entered the ware、In the Suma-Ku, Kobe-Shi Xiang wind Suma high school ground。
God Harbor high school、Nada high school、Suma sho-style high school、Kobe Korean senior high school four schools from、[HS team].。



And the joint team、In a team game or practice number under Rugby Football Club made the collection、And here in Kobe City in Japan first began to。





Each school that has asked advisers。”Rugby is、Team play is、First of all is myself.。And cannot do with their、Support, cannot be and、Around which we don’t support ‘ want to tell human formation through Rugby, “through making the relationship between believing in each other, we can hit you want to grow’、As a high school teacher than、Feel the passion as a “senior lugger man”。


The joint team practice、Now for the spring tournament that going once a week.、Curriculum、How is difficult to schedule school events,。But each student teamwork with concentration not to waste even one second mass trial even to this day。In addition to flying coach、Teachers aim at independence’s appearance to reflect the short and precise guidance and、Had to embody the growth。





During the match.、Teamwork becomes one of each school、The only identity’s and socks。
Official game to pay attention to their socks, the sense of team unity felt、I think I want to support。