Kobe's Rugby Information Rugby World Cup 2019 Toward holding Kobe

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Kobe University



The 115 anniversary of founding the history and tradition of Kobe University。Rugby Club carved with over 90 years of history which is currently、Composed of around 30 members, students and retired four times。2016 year League record sixth League 10 teams in the Kansai student B’s。
Kansai University Rugby is a total 51 team(Except for Sevens)Is、From the A-League is divided into each up to D-League。
In other words、Since the A-League has 8 teams located in top ranked 14th in total 51 team。
In 2014, and C League Premier League promotion and relegation with victory、Promoted to the B League。Later B League 5th place、Sixth and doing。As a major force in local Kobe is top Rugby League、And Kobe steel Kobelco Steelers OB coach Yasuyuki Miki、Mentioned by SATO Takashi players in the playing coach of the team coaching。


And characteristics of the school rugby team to hear Nakatani Shun DOI’s new captain、The Kobe University Rugby Football Club、Aims to become the “Kobe MAN’ through Rugby、And Kobe MAN、In humans with a passion, integrity, discipline, unity and respect five of lugger man as well as、Praised as one of the important to、With that。
Each player with respect to each、Good practice of teamwork, intelligent and passionate, and smiles were。From the atmosphere to be interviewed “Kobe man, I could already feel the part。






Also、Despite the win the new Member welcome event before、Three years ago, aiming at “Kobe MAN’, such as Club members to practice out of the new Member、B promoted to play given the track record on the subsequent League midfield、After 3 years、Also to be active in the A-League in the year 2019 to facilitate.。

Expect to become the 2019 Rugby World Cup when Kobe University Rugby Football Club “Kobe man” tournament big power。