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Rugby School, Hyogo Prefecture



Founded in 1968,、History and tradition will soon mark its 50th anniversary of Rugby School。The healthy development of children and expand the base of rugby for preschool-age children junior and ladies team ranging from school-generation。Enjoyment of Rugby Union’s guiding principles、Understand interest、Its become like rugby、Is not necessarily seeking victory。n the 2019 tournament、And a full backup in doctor、Checking the health of students, every year in March and to。And every practice during the、Put a check in the student handbook have been distributed to health check、Make sure each and every Rep coaches、Start。n the 2019 tournament、Measure the annual season regardless “WBGT” heat index、Heat stroke prevention、Prevention have also been busy。This means that can be subjected to the practice, with confidence in perfect condition。


Kobe、Go to Sannomiya near Ono Beach Grand、Than you think、Preschool-age children real 200-to fifth-graders practicing hard and、Tag rugby practice is well done、Parents and coaches、This feeling just came to rugby Park, and come plenty of OB, OB 1 year。




Ask about principal Sawamura spring male teacher。
“Today is a little more。6th grade、So going to junior high school students、Lot of people、About 250 people are enrolled。’
“Small or 3-year-old?。You can join the Club if one could go to the toilet.。’
Preschoolers go running to the bathroom immediately after the word was。Rugby were a bit bigger.、Very cute。



Also hear about the enrollment and、

“Always visit、Please come and experience。But if possible in advance contact will get。And since you can check several times convinced, admitted to、It is safe。’
And gently told。Those interested in seeing this article come、Want to go and experience。



He told us to talk to Yashima, t. submaster、The excitement of what World Cup England tournament last went to visit with school leaders and Stadium facilities、Talked about the enhancement of。
In the year 2019 when the Rugby World Cup not just game、It focuses on the early camp or practice location。I hope it becomes a meaningful opportunity for children。



Practice end.、During their return home.、Parents and students to greet everyone and thing、Was impressed with the coaching staff and the last one until Sawamura principals and Vice President Eiji Yashima。





Experience of World Rugby leaders, student、Graduates are active in the top League and Japan、Yet policy not to win as a result 7 nationwide student Rugby tournament third place and、Leaving results, such as middle man new Championships、But spurs on the health check、The Rugby School Hyogo has participated for 3 generations、Would say continues to achieve purpose ‘expand the Rugby base”in the establishment of。
No doubt be a strength for this in the year 2019, will add to the Kobe Rugby。