Kobe's Rugby Information Rugby World Cup 2019 Toward holding Kobe

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SCIX Rugby Club



In the top Rugby League、Supported by the Kobe steel Kobelco Steelers Rugby School、It is in the SCIX Rugby School。
It’s Saturday and Sunday school、Weekday evening events are part of the men’s junior high school、High School Ministry、Part of university professionals in addition to、There’s the women’s、Wide open。
Eligible to participate from elementary school to adult、Regardless of the Rugby experience who attend to mikage beach town of Kobe, higashinada-Ku, Kobe steel, Nada Beach Sports zone nadahama Grand artificial turf can participate。In fact from the elementary school、You belong to the 50’s began playing Rugby in the SCIX。
Coach’s duty of Kobe steel Kobelco Steelers、Rich environments, such as artificial grass also provides the team with high safety cushion the ground possible in practice。

Kondo Hiroshi coach former players for Kobe steel Kobelco Steelers in the exercises associated with this wide range of devices to。


“You do the same thing、Tough but fun always consider such newcomers can practice properly。Especially junior high school students、High school student’s concentration ON、So OFF、Like not choppy attention span、Are careful to bring firm play a fundamental and basic。’




Is the women’s practice to practice the words space ball(Without contact, such as tackle、Mixed-path tag and ball game format)From the beginning、Expanding authentic game eventually widely used field in a short period of time、Is the sharp focus and relaxation.、Thinks fit to practice.。



In addition asked for the 2019 World Cup coach、
“Rugby throughout Japan.、I liked the Kobe City and hope to people all over the world。Also、Now teaches school students too small without feeling like、Through this competition you want bigger and bigger, and told。



At the World Cup will be held、An excellent training environment、Thought not of students to school surrounded by a coach、Life as a sport Rugby love bigger expanded hope want to wish。