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JR West Japan Laras



Nicknamed JR Kobe lineTurfgrass West Japan passenger train Sanyo main line runs right next to JR West Japan Kobe General Grand(JR-takatori seismic motions Grand)But Tomioka, children coach former Rugby Union Japan representative JRFU after school Rugby program worked
JR West Japan Laras、He told us to Kajiwara jumpei CoordinatorSports Agency in fiscal year 2012 “2019 Rugby World Cup Diffusion enlightenment project” as committed to the dissemination and promotion of rugbyThe JRFU after-school Rugby programs of Diffusion enlightenment project organizing oneAs one of rugby’s spread and social contribution activitiesAnd this time working as a team for the first timeIt was last day of program interview day to be held all 10 episodes


Tomioka, children with coaches able to talk
“A contact sport and is often seen RugbyJust to reach the end, actually is a space gameFirst frame of rugby(The whole picture)TeachingIts contents(Pass or tackle)It is important to think about。’




3 months is well told in a short period of timeIs able to bring this experience each team junior high school students from the elementary school students participated in this after-school programsFelt it was essential to improving the level of rugby for Kobe




On the other hand for the JR West Japan LarasKimura Takashi seafood new captain in last years top West A League fourth and fifthAsked about the status quo“Aiming to win‘ And he speaks powerfully
However,、Is a JR West Japan LarasInstead of our half-day, afternoon practice on the part of practice and trainingEfforts in our business 100%Holidays and it only worked after hours of practice andSome members of only one day a week。Also、DriverConductorEmployeeEach qualification improvement, such as study and could be heard after the results while also training
Activity system of the founding team of current standingsKimura Captain humble, inspiring and respect felt honest and sincere answers


He told us in the inaugural second year Fujiwara, m. Director talk“The other team two days3 day practice effects to get in one day、Staff、Our coaches are drawing up a very detailed plan, with thatAttack enhancementAnd organized defense to overcome challenges every yearBy working on the motivation of the players as well as further invite coaches from the top league teamBut the team could only win one in 2014Four wins in the next yearIn the year 2016, 10 wins and winning team developed



In the year 2019、For the Rugby World CupAim to win the League first JR West Japan LarasI want to support, look at the ground when moving near the JR takatori station