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Kobe Murano Technical High School

Regarding to Kobe Murano Technical High School which opened in April 1021, it is the only private industrial high school in Hyogo prefecture.
Many exercise sections are active actively, and at the ground of the main school building in Nagata Ward, Kobe City, we will practice on Wednesday and Thursday for 2 days.
Every Tuesday, Friday, and weekend, they had been moved for about an hour on a school bus and practising at Inami Ground.

It takes time to move and late for go back to home. It seems inconvenient at first sight, “Due to this school bus, I am thankful that we can go to joint practice at other schools on weekdays, because we can work lightly with footwork” adviser Advisor. Atsushi Hirai told us.


The current number of members is 39 person. About one third of the experienced people, beginners account for two thirds.
“There are many mischievous boy when entering April, but base are serious student. They grow even human beings after six months. I am thinking that sports such as rugby is growing up students.” Advisor. Atsushi Hirai said.
It is the 3rd grade Yoshiki Ozaki Captain and Riki Ueno Vice Captain to pulling the team.
They said together, “Each person’s personality is strong,but it is a good thing for the team to be able to go towards the goal.”

The Ozaki captain who was playing in the prefecture’s rugby school during elementary school days, but symmetrically, Ueno Vice Captain was the start of his careers by the athletics. “I feel the appeal of rugby at a place where individual teams change from group competitions to group competitions, where all teams are aiming for a single victory,” he said of fulfillment.
It seems to be an industrial high school, after graduation both employees have decided to get a job. Interview exercises for job hunting activities had been repeated in a moving bus.
They will fight prefectural preliminaries for the national tournament as a third grader. Of course, enthusiasm is strong.

“I think that coming chance to change the history of the traditional Murano rugby department. so I want to do their own rugby even at the opponent of strong Australian schools.” Ozaki Captain said strongly.


Among the inexperienced players who play from high school, Alman Maeda, a second grader, has a different color career.
He was born between the Iranian father and the Japanese mother.
Softball in elementary school, and junior high school were keen on kickboxing.
After he entered high school, he did not intend to do activities at the club, but as a friend of my classmates from junior high school entered the rugby club, he started rugby.
“It is a lot of fun to hit the body and aim for victory by overcoming the difficulties with everyone in the team,” he said. And fall in immersed in the charm of rugby.
He is also active in the team as a number eight. And “I want to continue rugby at university” I have a strong will.
He told us about Advisor Hirai who invited me to the rugby club. “I feel to him a bit scared and tough, but he is a teacher who tells me easily.”


For supporting Advisor Hirai, There are Akinobu Okamoto coach and Koji Yamashita Manager.
Okamoto coach has been demonstrating power from the experience played at Tokai University, especially with appropriate coaching to the forward player.
Yamashita is a non-rugby advisor, but he has served as a ski and volleyball team who participated in national competitions.
He was strongly recruited from Hirai and took over as the Manage of the rugby department.
It’s from the aim of adding rhythmic accent to the rugby by incorporating views other than rugby.
“Because we are challengers, we can do a lot of things, I want to challenge a strong school in an interesting rugby we’ve been thinking,” Yamashita said with a smile.


Finally, I asked Advisor Hirai about what I would like to tell the student through rugby.
“Through rugby, I learned about the standing behaviors as a person other than rugby for Haruguchi director, especially at Kanto Gakuin University.
Of course it will improve rugby, but I would like to help children grow up as people. Especially since there are many children who get jobs, I would like to make them not troubled even when I go to society.”
The letters of “FOSTEILS” are written on the back of the members.
“This is a coined word, we thought that FOS shines in Greek, TEIL is a star, meaning shining stars.”
The affection that the leaders tell through rugby will penetrate into the shining star rugby club members.