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Kobe University School of Medicine Rugby Club

Kobe University School of Medicine has undergone a number of changes based on the Kobe Hospital, which was established in 1869, and has been incising its history as a university medical department since April 1954.
The independent rugby club has a history of more than 60 years, and this traditional club enrollment with Dr. Shinya Yamanaka who won the Nobel Prize in Physiology and Medicine in 2012.
The club currently belongs to Kansai University Rugby D-League.

The current number of members is 27 people. Unlike the other departments such as the Faculty of Letters and the Faculty of Economics, the background of the medical department’s sole organization of the rugby department is that the curriculum has been established in six years. The club has enrolled from first grade year to sixth year grade.
Activities take place three times a week. Originally we used the ground of Kobe University Fukae Campus, but now we are securing the municipal ground etc. and are working hard to practice because the lawnization work of the ground is under construction.

This practice is to build a menu centered by captain and each leaders.
It is captain Daiki Harada standing in the center. He is an experienced person who has continued to junior high school, high school and rugby. While there are many members interested in surgery and orthopedics, his interest seems to be space medicine (research of medical and health problems that must be solved to live safely in space).
It is difficult to build a practice menu with a team with many inexperienced players and aim for victory in the game, but Captain Harada stated, “We are going to practice, and we are creating and promoting a year-round menu” so he has good control of the team.
Independent management by students. Sometimes their sweetness or compromise may be created because of their youth. “We are working with the awareness that we should not be sweet in ourselves. We have a history of generations and will never break what many seniors have built “I’m conscious of it,” he said with a tight heart.
The practice of the team by Captain Harada may be a player’s point of view, but the tempo is good. Practice team’s sense of purpose is shared in team talk, and without repeating it for a long time, the practice menu is digested one after another. The members also made their own voices, and their attitude to practice without being able to see the sweetness was strongly impressed.


The Club competent is Mr. Kenai Mitsuyuki who started rugby from university.
He was concentrated to play baseball until high school, but when he considered to try new sports at university, it was the “Big Body” rugby club members who just asked.
When he actually worked, he realized that it was a “deep and fun” sport, and was absorbed in the rugby world.
He has not able to play due to injury now, but he is active in a fullback position with a wide range of freedom of attack. “I like attacking, so it’s fun to play with sign to make a line break, or to play with it from scratch,” he said.
He also has a face as a club competent to organize a team. He is an integral part of a self-managing team.

The current goal of the team is to win the West Japan Medical Science Student Physical Education Competition, commonly known as “Nish i- I – Tai (*means West-Medical-Body).”
This is a physical education tournament by a university with a medical science department in western Japan, and more than 30 universities participate in rugby competition.
Kobe University School of Medicine has not been able to move up to the top in recent years after having won the second place in 2015.
Captain Harada is also aiming for this tournament and is concentrating on finishing the team.
Speaking of university rugby, I think that there are a lot of people who think that Kansai University rugby comes to mind first, but I felt an interesting level of difference that the medical science students create an unbeatable battle.
The Kobe University School of Medicine Rugby Club is aiming for a victory in “Nish i-I-Tai (* means West-Medical-Body).”