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Nishi-Kobe Rugby School

In the 1980s, the population increased rapidly in the development of New Town in the west area of Kobe City and around Suma Ward. Mr.Tetsukazu Endo is moving to Seishin Newtown such term. He was working as a staff member of the Ashiya Rugby School in Ashiya City, Hyogo Prefecture, but he launched the Nishi Kobe Rugby School in 1989, becouse looking at the locally many children playing actively.
At the time of establishment of the school there was no ground that they could regularly use, so they were occasionally trying to rugby such as using a park nearby, fortunately, at the timing of the school facility opening business in Kobe City, they will be able to use the Kobe Takenodai Elementary School, which is the place where children in the area chase the rugby ball as a home ground in 2019 which celebrates the 30th anniversary this year.


The current Nishi-Kobe Rugby School has enrolled 117 people from toddler to junior high school students. A lot of staff and children are enjoying rugby, mainly by principal Eitaro Suga.
The basic activity policy of the Nishi-Kobe Rugby School is to enjoy rugby. On the other hand, however, rugby is active with sports competing for victory or defeat, having fun by winning and experiencing the feeling of winning and happy.

Principal Suga said, “The first and second year students enjoy rugby, the third to fourth graders memorize the organizational movements, and when graduating from the high school year, they are focused on winning and losing, and the grades are particularly taught. When entering the 4th place in the Hyogo prefecture convention, I can get the right to participate in the Heroes Cup Kansai Games, so I am working with the goal of being within 4th place.”

The Generous Support for children provided by them. Ryuichi Torihama coach, mainly the leadership director, is conscious of unifying teaching methods while repeated coach meetings and communicating to children in an easy-to-understand manner.

Torihama director general manager said, “We are guiding them on the premise that we will do it happily. If when they decide to quit rugby, what they learned in the future in rugby is the other scene. We are consciously teaching to live in. From the year before last we decided to give a greeting everyone, we are consciously greeting with a loud voice without being separated from the students’ grade. ”

We also encourage the acquisition of the qualifications approved by the Japan Rugby Football Association. Many of our start coaches, nurturing coaches, and class C referees are enrolled at the school and we share what we have learned at certified training sessions within the school to improve the brush up.

In rugby school activities careful communication with parents is important.
It is Syoji Iseki Administration Manager of that bridges the school and parents.

Director Iseki who also concurrently serves as chief of the infant department said hotly, “I am consciousness of how much that we will be able to tell playing rugby for parents as well as children that it is fun. I want to that they want to play rugby themselves and I am devising exercises especially for young children and lower grades, so that parents want to come see the children’s rugby as well.”

In addition to coordinating exchanges hosted by the Nishikobe Rugby School, we also hold many events such as spring hiking, summer camp and Christmas sports festival, beginning of year rice cake sticking.

“I want to connect with the joy place where everyone collaborates from where I feel fun at first, not to mention the outcome of the competition,” Ikeiki director himself also feels rewarding.


It was in June 2017 that families and great admiration and goals were born for children working on rugby at the Nishi-Kobe Rugby School.
For the first time as a graduate of the Nishi-Kobe Rugby School, Yusuke Iwai won the cherry blossom uniform of the Japanese national team of rugby.

In the test match of Japan national team vs. Italy held in Kobe in June 2018 Niwai player participated halfway.
He showed them a wonderful figure in front of the children of the Nishi-Kobe Rugby School who watched the game.

The birth of a great senior has greatly stimulated the children and has become one of the pleasures of the Rugby World Cup.

Suga principal sent a message saying, “I want him to work hard without hurting until the event and make good use of opportunities for Japan national team in the world cup.”

There is also a New Town where the population has increased in the 1980s and 1990s, and the number of people enrolled at rugby schools tends to decrease in response to the falling birthrate and aging society.

School continues to distribute leaflets to elementary schools, kindergartens, and nursery schools, and continues to open the door to children through holding a nationwide co-experiencing society led by the Japan Association. Currently there are children going to school from Suma Ward, Tarumi Ward, Akashi City, and Kita Ward, based in Nishi Ward.

On the occasion of the school about hosting the Rugby World Cup, Suge principal told us the expectations for the World Cup as follows.

“Until now, I could not watch the top level games for their activities (practice and games.) By all means, I’d like to see the game of the World Cup held in the local Kobe and see about play and rugby, I hope that they will learn various things. ”
The Nishi-Kobe Rugby School that will become a unit for children growing through rugby.
We are looking forward to the appearance of a Japanese national footballer following NIwai player.