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The Ikawa Rugby Club

From the concept that “Ikawa children will make to enjoy the rugby game”, the Ikawa Rugby Club was born in 1998. The size of the club became to growed up, mainly by the children of the local Ikawadani elementary school,
Eventually renamed the current Ikawa Rugby Club at the opportunity that children other than Ikawadani elementary school participated in the rugby club.


The members of the current club are activities in less than 20 people from the first grade to the fourth grade, everyone enjoys rugby game together across the grade.
In Hyogo prefecture where rugby school is popular, their activities are small, but that is their wonderful feature.
“Since the child of the upper grade will take care of the child of the lower grade, children of the lower grade will be become friends with older brothers and older sisters as well.”
Mr. Hisashi Ooe as the main coach said.
He himself is also an experienced person who was playing rugby even when becoming a member of society from college.
At the timing when Osaka relocation was decided about 15 years ago, he became involved in the guidance of Ikawa Rugby Club as a result of being invited by seniors of the rugby club.
Even now his own child graduated from this club, but he is still going on teaching.
“At the beginning of teaching, however I am an experienced rugbyist, so I may have had a big feeling of teaching them,
When I teaching in fact there are many things that I learn from children.
It is memorable that a graduate said that he was pleased that he was praised by the Ooe coach and was able to continue the rugby.”
The teaching of the Ooe coach is simple.
“While I am observing the rules and enjoying rugby, I want people to understand pain, so I will teach the rules firmly, not gray zones.”


The Ooe coach trusts is Kazunobu Nishimura coach who will be 80 years old this year.
He has taught at the prefectural Seiryou High School, prefectural akashi-shimizu high school for many years. Ooe coach was the student of akaashi-shimizu era.
He laughed and said, “About ten years ago, I happened to look at practicing at Ikawadani’s playground square happily.
I remember teaches the children from that day if I think about it later. Unlike the high school students I taught until then, even if I tell it in words, I do not quite get it, and at first I was surprised. But children gave power well to me.”

Nishimura coaching to voluntary practice for children who want also Wednesday now, asked how children want growth.
“I want them to become children who do not give up, with patience and patience. Since rugby is team sports, I also teach that I value coworkers. Here I would like to teach the basics well and I would like them to make sure that they will not be troubled when going to categories such as junior high school. I started rugby from the university, but I was playing rugby with nothing basic.”
Nishimura coach’s own energy is communication with grandchild generation, children who become a grandchild generation in a little more.


In CLUB, currently 4 graders are enrolled as top-grade students.
They take part in the autumn prefectural convention as the sole single team at the club.
It is Norichika Kawada who will serve as a captain. He was invited by a friend when he was in the first grade and joined the Ikawa Rugby Club.
“It was fun to pass the ball at first, team members are interesting and have fun people, we aim to win the prefectural convention.”
His body is a little petite, feet are not particularly fast, but when it comes to games he will show a good run to away the opponent.
“Everyone, little children, big children, little bit slower children play very hard, I am really moved my mind by seeing that appearance.”
Ooe coach talked while realizing the growth of children.


At the lively period, nearly 50 people were enrolled in the Ikawa Rugby Club. Currently, the number of people is decreasing due to the declining birthrate, so we are hoping for this year’s rugby world cup.
“Rugby is apt to be a dangerous sport, but they have not had a bad injury while playing rugby for about 15 years. I firmly teach passive and stretching, how to use the body to avoid injury. Also since the next year we will be introducing tag rugby for the 1st and 2nd graders, so we can play with small children safely, so participants are welcome. Until now, parents who have experienced rugby themselves often brought their children, but recently an inexperienced guardian who watched rugby on television or the like brings a child. For held the World Cup, we also realize that rugby is attracting attention.”
With the rugby world cup to be held in Kobe, the appearance of children who challenge rugby at the Ikawa Rugby Club can be feel exciting from now.