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Origin of Rugby

The origin of rugby’s 1823、In the game of football at Rugby School in England、I said and started by holding onto the ball for the William Web Ellis team ran toward the opponent’s goal!
By the way、I’m William Web Ellis name engraved on the trophy of the tournament.!

Kobe Regatta & Athletic Club

1/1/1868 of the Edo period to the opening of the port of Kobe、The variety of Western modern culture in Kobe。

Even in sports、Football and golf、Alongside tennis and rugby, too, I got。

1870 (0/1870)、I came to Kobe A C SIM people、KR&And founded a sports club called AC (Kobe regatta & Athletic Club)、Western sports are widely known.。

I have several theories、In 12/8/1876、With the KR & AC Brad、British warship in Kobe port
If they played the game of”Modeste’ sailors and、Since the rules were similar to rugby、
Said that this took place for the first time in rugby.。
Wikipedia:”Kobe Legget & Athletic Club

Mr. Clark, Father of the Japan Rugby in connection with Kobe

Beginning of professional Rugby in Japan、In the fall of 1899, (0/1899)、Keio University teacher named E & B Clark、Help of Tanaka ginnosuke、It is taught to students in Japan。

And this team is Japan’s first rugby team、Clark said that as the father of the Japan Rugby!。

After that、I has Keio University Rugby Football Club at the recreation ground, Kobe’s or regular warfare with the KR & AC Brad。
Note、Clark said、I’m buried buried many foreigners of Kobe and Kobe City foreign cemetery。

Kobe said Japan Rugby father Clark is buried in the 2019 Rugby World Cup™ will be held、I feel ties beyond the period。

Kwansei Gakuin and Rugby

In Kobe、Is known by the nickname of Kwansei Gakuin University, Kwansei Gakuin University、Founded in Nada-Ku, Kobe Harada wood、In 5/1912、High school for the first time was a rugby training center。

Participants at the time of approximately 30 people.。
Practice style shirt, put on long exercise pants、I was wearing running shoes,。

The guidance、Mount Allison College in Canada was a rugby player、Outer bridge teacher, I。

Outer bridge and it is red and white striped Rugby shirt and shorts、I coached in the authentic style of rugby shoes。
At the time、I didn’t have uniforms.。

Wikipedia:”Kwansei Gakuin sport Imperial”

Establishment of Kobe Steel Rugby Team

The Kobe Steel Rugby Club (0/1928) in 1928 wound I。
First practice is Kansai Gakuin background at that time.、It’s now the reigning Princes Park,。Speaking of Kobe steel’s familiar red jerseys,、It began in 1965 (0/1965).。
In 1978 (0/1978)、University of Oxford(UK)More player、Member of society I was born the first foreign player in the team,。Seems to be Kobe’s!。
Memorable 1987 (0/1987) first World Cup on the、From Kobe steel、Hayashi、Hagimoto、Oyagi、For Hirao
Four players elected to the Japan national team。It’s truly something to be proud。
In 1988 (0/1988) 41 Japan Society tournament final、Toshiba Fuchu defeated Le Mans。
Defeating the Daito Bunka University in second 26 times Japan Championship continues、It became the first in Japan.。It’s the beginning of raging。
Wikipedia:”Kobe steel, Ltd.]

Successive Victories of Kobe Steel Rugby Team and Earthquake Disaster

The Kobe Steel Rugby Club at this time、And the abolition of supervisory employed “Steelers” logo、Turf maintenance、
Clubhouse facilities、I pulled the Rugby of Japan in the innovative actions。
That’s why we’ve gathered as a team everyone longs for players.。Defeating Toshiba Fuchu in the 47 national adult finals, 1994 (0/1994)、New Nippon Steel Kamaishi since V7 to achieve。
Japan achieved seven consecutive years, defeating in a 102-14 Daito Bunka University Championships 32 times Japan of which continues in。Great!。
After two days of Japan’s achievement、The great Hanshin-Awaji earthquake occurred 1/17。
It became a non-practicing cause liquefaction is Nada Beach home。
Wikipedia:”Kobe steel, Ltd.]

Rebirth of Kobe Steel and Breakthrough of World Fighting Bull

Wikipedia:”World co., Ltd.’ (top)
“Kobe steel, Ltd. ‘ (below)

4 times World Cup in 1999 (0/1999) No.、Nakamichi、Ito、Iwabuchi、MOTOKI、Yoshida、増保、Ohata was elected to the Japan national team。In the 52 national adult tournaments finals、I play five years Buri national title, defeating world。
The opponent of the finals of the championship was World, based in Kobe as the same as Kobe Steal !
The very strong at this time of world、Raised in the Kobe battle finals!。
Achieve two crowns defeated Toyota Motors continued No. 37 times Japan Championship, once again becomes the largest。
In the year 2000 (0/2000) final to the 53 national society、2 years in a row, defeating the Toyota Motor Corp. in a 29-26 Win 9 times。
In a 27-27 draw with Suntory both won in 38 Japan Championship final continues。

In the 5th World Cup 2003 (Heisei 15)
MOTOKI、But Ohata
were selected as members of
Been elected、
In the excitement!。

Kobe and Rugby

Kobe rugby was introduced to the opening of the port of Kobe、And the KR & AC Brad (Kobe regatta & Athletic Club)、At the Kwansei Gakuin University in Kobe Harada wood was beginning.、Kobe steel and world success、Dissemination of the tag rugby、To enjoy as a sport familiar by now, and it’s。

Also、Also in the eighth Congress in 2015, Japan national team (cherrybrossames)、Remember the new right?。
And now finally in the year 2019 9th Congress、Coming up with Kobe.。
This is exciting! ~! I can hardly wait!

Kobe comes great players from around the world、Got great play unfolds in “Kobe Misaki Stadium.。
Absolutely、Watch and I want to support.。
Let’s support and cheer up the event together!