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神戸製鋼 コベルコスティーラーズ

Kobe Steel Kobelco Steelers


Kobe Steel Rugby Club、The Steelers、Team actively conducts social contribution activities through sports。

Rugby classes East Japan disaster relief fund for the clean-up activities and middle and high school students and、At the top League game fundraiser、High School Rugby dissemination activities, such as special sponsor “KOBELCO Cup”, “women’s Sevens rugby tournament’、Nada Beach Sports zone of artificial turf that environment also provides further、Ranging from elementary school students to adults include the generation attending Rugby School “SCIX’ support, such as Kobe steel, activities、Going wide of so many other countless social contribution activities。

This time, as part of its social contribution activities、Covered in AI, elementary school located in Kobe as a rugby promotion tag rugby class。

Is about 30 minutes by train from the city of Kobe、To reach AI elementary school, surrounded by green and、Tag rugby Department was being held in a gymnasium because of poor ground conditions。





Tag rugby is 4 and made the team by 5 people、Goal to try and、In the fun sport can be anywhere if you touch the side、Waist [headband] like a tagged 2、Path to the ball, to try。In that case、Tackle will not remove the tag attached to the waist of the person with a rugby ball、With a loud “tag! “And stop playing、Took the tag returns, again on the hips continue play。Which offense and defense alternation and taken the tag four times。Is approachable introduction to rugby and girls games。


About the tag rugby class elementary school、Kobe steel Kobelco Steelers playing coach、Sugar that SATO Takashi players we interviewed。
“Experienced just to newcomers only three rules、Are activities that have become a global。’




確かに、教室の最後に『ラグビーをやったことある人?』という確認を行い小学生皆だけでなく、先生も一緒に手を上げていたのが印象的だった。 この活動は立ち上げたばかりだが、すでに25校ほど行っているとの事。 すでに大家族になっていると思われる。 続けてラグビートップリーグで活躍する自身のチーム、神戸製鋼コベルコスティーラーズに関してもお聞きした。
Certainly、At the end of the Department of “those who have played Rugby? “The review, as well as all elementary school、The teacher also was raise your hand together impressive。
Just launched this activity、I have already done the 25 universities with the。
Seems to have already become a family。
Your continued, and active in the top rugby league team、Ask for the Kobe steel Kobelco Steelers。


“Failing to win recent present is true。Simply、Power can be won at all times is already on。That is、That proved to be located and continue in the top four of the top League, fifth season continues。There is only opportunity after。Because the team is really good、I want to expect much。’





Says SATO players face is serious in itself。

Talked to the passion for Rugby World Cup 2019 at the end。
Including a message、You want to see on YouTube。





For the year 2019、Increases in one of many Rugby experts and fans、The city of Kobe、People will expect。