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No. 3 times Rugby World Cup 2019™ Kobe held Preparatory Committee held。

No. 3 times Rugby World Cup 2019 Kobe organizing Committee was held in the 3/14/2017。Third Committee、Tournament Ambassador and invited former Kobe steel Kobelco Steelers coach 増保, Yoshinori、And the effect of competition on a lecture。Also from the Secretariat was about 0/2017 plans。

Japan country leads to the world。Rugby World Cup 2019

Rugby World Cup 2019 Kobe held implementation plan

List of committee members(JapaneseEnglish


No. 2 time Rugby World Cup 2019™ Kobe held Preparatory Committee held。

No. 2 time Rugby World Cup 2019 was held to 26 5/2016 Kobe organizing Committee。
Second Committee、After the Secretariat received about 0/2016 place city promotion and awareness raising Rugby implementation plan (draft)、Kobe meeting success Conference、We get feedback from our members。

Times 1-Rugby World Cup 2019™ Kobe held Preparatory Committee held。


Uniting in entire Rugby World Cup 2019™ Kobe held a successful、To convey to the world the international city of Kobe for the purpose、Rugby World Cup 2019™ Kobe held Preparatory Commission established、1st Commission meeting held on 3/18/2016。

Hyogo Prefecture、Kobe City、Kobe Chamber of Commerce and other.、Comprised of 16 groups 20 members。For details、Below is。(Annex roster JapaneseEnglish

The first Committee、Koichi Murakami Rugby Jana list ‘ Rugby World Cup™ of value and charm “theme with the lecture below was。


Rugby World Cup 2015™ for England tournamentEngland Conference、The stadium was in attendance largest in history was、This is true in Japan is not。Isn’t that simply increase attendance。Depending on the size of the stadium and country、Different or what a success。Spend a huge Stadium in England、2470000 people in 48 games、1 game means going about 50000 people。80009’s highest attendance,267 people。Holy place of football in London Wembley introduction made many matches in soccer field。Most number of spectators is not England game、Ireland vs. Romania game in high-value of this World Cup so far。No Rugby teams in the country’s game、All be packed、Also was in the crowd but everyone enjoyed it meant a breakthrough tournament。



Also in the sense of place names as well spread out to the world was a。Travel tourists from overseas is estimated 460000、Said also in Japan in the year 2019 it will come。And Japan is easy-to-come people from countries like Australia and New Zealand rugby great、Since the first Asian to hold、Seems to be quite a lot of people are coming。From the examples of past spectators to stay 2 weeks 3 weeks。Because it is not closely match between Rugby and sports、Long-term stay is required, and、Also match every day that does not offer the tourist not。In such a meaning economy is very large。



On remarkable achievements of the Japan national rugby union teamThis Rugby World Cup™ heated up the most by Japan national team。South Africa won the match、Is 34 to 32, rallied to win in the end、Japan sports fans more with interest sports fans around the world。

In the next day’s newspaper fine paper, the Sunday Times of Britain is treated on one side、Further spread to the world、Rugby has also become a global sport。Country teams are not、For example very well Georgia and active tournament、Into third place in the group stage。Grown significantly difference between upstream and downstream countries that is a feature of this World Cup。


On the value of rugby

Rugby is a rugby Charter and、There are five words。

Passion Rugby is a tough sport, so the audience gets hot。But not this time tying goal is the Japan team、Aimed at reversing that gave courage to people all over the world。Because of intense、There are that give you courage to。

Requested by the audience, rather than the “quality” players。This time、But South Africa was overwhelmingly defeated the lowly Japan、Supporters of South Africa does not totally irreverent acts like throwing things in the background、Rather, Japan fans praise beyond。This behavior is required in the audience by in rugby、In the violence that in the past have never。

“Unity” Japan’s team has just one team regardless of race or religion, are fought、It’s that there is in the world、Rugby Union means acknowledging each other’s diversity is important in。

By putting emphasis on discipline background and off、There is sense of players trying to secure private life and work。World Rugby has important “core values”、And let’s make sure doesn’t diminish the value of rugby。Specifically、Anti-doping and foul play、Reduce, and appealed to the referee to ensure。

His teammates ‘respect.、Whom、Match (judge)、In respecting the people participating in the game。That was the scene this time seems a miscarriage of Justice、There was no referee to protest against。After the semi-final Argentina vs Australia game、Players including duplicate each other praise cross、The impressive and truly embodies a no side (finished game enemy nor an ally not)。

Also、You acknowledge the diversity among one of rugby。Japan representative、Is not representative of the Japanese people、Representative of the players that played in Japan。Japan teams are very rich in biodiversity and、Strong cohesion。


Rugby fans、Inimitable beer lover

Rugby World Cup 2015™ with so many football venues。But at the game of soccer generally alcohol is prohibited、Not banned in Rugby Union。If the Rugby、No troubles supporters together drinking alcohol next to, and watch。Before the World Cup in the year 2019、Such competition by Rugby、Have you asked (gentleman) behaviour well convey。

Rugby fans love the beer。Is being prepared in the sense of Japanese beer drinkers and not before the game.。Because Rugby is a social、While drinking beer ago or after games talking about it has become a cultural。So also the Europe and America people strong alcohol、Unless there is really a lot of beer and Oh that would be gone during the。


On legacies of the Rugby World Cup(TM)

Rugby World Cup™ is known and what remains would be held at、Include both tangible and intangible legacy。England rally was triggered by various local city and Europe becomes sister cities。It said the legacy。But there were 6,000 sports volunteers in England、Will more people involved in wider areas in Japan。More and more people involved in sport、That more people know that fun is one legacy。

Legacy also met with overseas players, kids look to overseas。Legacy as the tournament became community of fans, leading to subsequent activities。

My best Rugby World Cup™ in hopes、That said many people know the fun involved in sports。That as well as rugby said participating in various international competitions, will Ferrell、You want to find fun such as。In the things you’ve left Rugby there are lots of things that can be applied to other sports。

Kobe is good reputation very foreign players。Kobe’s popularity is growing through Rugby。

At that time Japan won in South Africa、Brighton town became famous in the world。Maybe Japan representatives may not match in Kobe、There is likely something will happen even with the game which country。Excellence where Kobe、It can go down in history “。Research and open a very good World Cup Kobe seems to be。