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Message from Mr. Toshiyuki Hayashi

Hello everybody In the forest the captain I had done that。

By the year 2015、In last year’s World Cup England competition、Japan national team defeated South Africa。

And that 3 WINS、Now very exciting rugby。

I also Brighton’s South African war、I went to see the、In the second half, the Japan squad、People in the stadium were cheering。

“Japan! Japan! Japan! “Japan calls happen in、Was decided that last trial。

And Samoa.、Samoa、It is in Japan is 25 million people who watch TV、It is now very rowdy Rugby。


Rugby is known in the、It’s not invisible but very important sports?、I like to。It is the process of making the team in。And compete for that Jersey。

Vie、And 15 people were chosen to play、Rugby is committed to、I think sport is committed to commit it?。Commit any thoughts guys、Get out there for that player.、Do you feel that you、What and how to play it、It appears in the background.。

So there’s excitement、I’d like that。


It is in the 2019、World Cup comes to Japan。There is great excitement.。

It is even Kobe Misaki Stadium、Game is done。

By all means、I think that in all World Cup boost to a。


Me too、Rugby love、In a reportedly wonderful experience、Now、It is elementary school Rugby tournament、I’m a heroes Cup。

A dream in the year 2019.、That accompanies the various Cup competitions、Rugby Union match has started。Parliamentarians World Cup started。This year began with the World University cups。And began meeting army。

By all means、It is Japan’s first and、A I want to heroes Cup World heroes、Boys and girls Rugby tournament.、In the start here、Have a dream of a start。


Rugby is referred to “one for all, , all for one “and tells me that I、Would it translated with the word “harmony”。

Spirit of ‘harmony’、About that、Great concept, is “harmony”?、It far exceeds global standards like、People and the Japanese work、Not only it is animals and also Japanese and、Also and natural harmony and、But it takes a strong reaction to this strong、Take it with the power of Carroll、And “sum”, so let’s、This is in Japan I think the first philosophy of nation-building.。

The real spirit of “one for all , all for one ‘ of the spirit、In Japan I want to send to the world, and、This Asian、It is the first World Cup held in the Orient。

Yes、For this World Cup.、Take a look at everyone wants to boost, and、Kobe held、So take a look at in boost to a、Thank you thank you。


Message from Mr. Daisuke Ohata

Rugby World Cup 2019 Is Daisuke Ohata, Ambassador。2019 Rugby World Cup. Coming to Japan。Japan nationwide、Kobe was one of the 12 venues。
World Cup memories、That is、1999 in Wales.、Morning played against Wales to open the window, and looked out at the moment、The streets are blazed。
When I witness video、And the World Cup、Town and country、And influence the minds of the people that I felt。
And、I myself become part、Really for me、Become a great asset。
Such big big World Cup sport events、It comes in Kobe Japan。You guys、Become a part of the World Cup。Thank you。


Message from Mr. Koichi Murakami

Murakami Koichi Rugby Jana list is。

I recall speaking with Kobe、30 years ago college student、Kansai 7-a-side tournament.、At the ground of the ISO on the Park、Remember that ran。

In two consecutive years、In the US、But I did say Kansai Sevens tee、After that、But I’m in Kobe Kobe steel to achieve V7、I’m fan of Kobe steel、Carolyn, ohyagi Mr. or Ms. Hirao、Longing for those players, so I grew up、While Kobe steel V7、Is now in the position of reporter from the Middle、Was rooting for。


And now、The players come from abroad a lot of Kobe steel。

New Zealand representative、Australia also came、And South Africa representative?。

And these players in the world that Kobe’s very livable streets、So that make things such as long you want to stay、I think a lot of overseas players is coming from this kind of。

In such places、In the world’s best Rugby tournament、 Done that、Hope is good thing for me。


The World Cup、I went in the 2015 tournament last year, but、Japan national team won the South Africa squad named by、Gave courage to the people all over the world。

Says former England coach Clive Woodward、But I’m already retired、I again 1 times coaches want.、It was Eddie Jones Japan national team head coach、Well make the Japan national team、And、In the things that won that big South Africa、And think that sense really affected world tournament、I’ve felt really splendor of rugby。

Customers were also very warm.、To applaud the players win or lose。And audience friendly players.。


After the finals、During the victory lap for the all blacks、Is the Sony building Williams is a player、That gave the medal to children came out to the guards still had it?。This guards、To stop the boy.、I tackled like is gone、So hollow、The Sony building Williams unfastened it take their families, gave a medal。Those memories of this evening’s best hope.、Of the boys returned to their families had to say。

I think that the behavior was。


Meaning、It’s not only just watch and enjoy、Since joining the、Volunteer time and、Good at drinking beer at around and interact with everyone、Doing so, join everyone together、I want to enjoy the world’s best tournament。