Kobe Rugby Information Rugby World Cup 2019TM Information from Host City Kobe.

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Fan Zone in KOBE

“Fan Zone” set up by the host city of Rugby World Cup 2019 ™. Rugby festival square held as a symbol of rugby festival. It is an area where everyone can feel the charm and fun of rugby. Please come to the venue of another rugby world cup place as well as watching the stadium.


Details of each schedule

Event contents vary depending on the date. Please see below for details

Fan Zone Map/Brochure

FanZone Map


→ Download brochure

Public viewing zone


Public viewing of all games (including 4 games at Kobe venue) held on the day of the fan zone with a 300-inch large vision. We will also explain the game prospects by special guests.



Rugby activity zone

“FIVES” which is now popular to enjoy 5 vs 5, and this is a corner where everyone will be able to experience rugby such as tag rugby and try challenge by the Hyogo Rugby Football Association.


Seiji Hirao Field

Seiji Hirao Fieldのイメージ画像

It is a zone that expresses gratitude through corners, exhibits, and videos that honor Seiji Hirao, who contributed to the rugby world cup Japan’s invitation to Japan Rugby and Kobe.

Commercial Partner Zone

Commercial Partner Zoneのイメージ画像

PR of sponsor of Rugby World Cup 2019 and sale of Heineken Beer

KOBE PR zone

Kobe PR Zoneのイメージ画像

Full of delicious dishes from Kobe and Hyogo such as Nada no SAKE and Kobe beef

Participating country PR zone

Introducing food and sightseeing information of countries participating in the game in Kobe

Stage zone

Artists who play an active part in Kobe / Hyogo and musicians who are involved in participating countries in Kobe appear daily.
Talk shows by Kobe Steel Kobelco Steelers and Kobe Fast Gyro players

Fan zones are basically implemented even in rainy weather,
but will be canceled in case of stormy weather. In the case of cancellation, we will guide on this website.