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30 September

Scotland national team

Competent people are in line at the point and the strength is rising.
Historic Thistle Corps.

They are a traditional team that fought against England in 1871 for the first test match in the world. The team is supported by Princess Ann of the British royal family. It is a tradition to fight with a solid and consistent play style with the Azami emblem on the chest.
In the 2015 tournament, we have been better than the surrounding expectations. In the first match, they managed to capture Japan’s momentum in force and scored a 45-10 score for perfect win. If they advance to the finals tournament with 3 wins and 1 loss, they will lose to the Australian national team who will go to the finals, but the difference point is only one point.
In 2017, the world rankings have been raised to the 5th highest ever, and preparations are being made for the 2019 tournament.

Samoan national team

Hard runner and hard tackler are aligned.
A dangerous team as an opponent who will able to get try from anywhere.

The nickname of the team is “Manu Samoa”. Manu means brave people. It entered the top 8 in the 1991 and 1995 competitions, and made the world aware of the strong impact of Samoa Rugby.
Before the game he plays the battle ritual “Shiva Tau” and raises the team’s morale. This is one of the scenes really want to see live.
A feature of this team is that there are many runners with explosive speed and players who like intense power play. In 2015, they attacked the Scottish National team to the end with a raging attack. Do not miss the fierce tackle that heats up the audience.