Kobe Rugby Information Rugby World Cup 2019TM Information from Host City Kobe.

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8 October

South African national team

Amazing physical ability.
The aim for throne return with superhuman power.

Their physical size and strength are superhuman, and their physicals are described as the strongest in the world. If you want to watch the rugby clash, you can not miss the South African national team’s match.
The 1995 tournament immediately after the abolition of apartheid will be held at home, achieving the first victory win for the first time. It was a big event to bring the country together beyond race and skin color. The story at this time is also a movie. He won the second championship in the 2007 tournament. In the 2015 tournament, the champions lost to New Zealand national team just 18-20.
The nickname is “Springboks”, because of the bovine animals that run in savanna.

Canada representative team

Experienced in nine consecutive tournaments.
Open the road with running rugby.

Participated in all eight tournaments since the first 1987 tournament. In the 1991 tournament, they had a record of making it into the top eight, and in the quarterfinals of this time they struggled 13-29 against the New Zealand national team. In 2007, the 2011 tournament has played a fierce battle to draw game with the Japanese representative for two consecutive years.
It has been a representative of Canada, which has traditionally been characterized by large forward and power play, but recently it has started to play “running rugby” with players who are active even in seven-man rugby.
Regain the losers against Kenya, Germany, and Hong Kong, and won the final match of the 2019 tournament.