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POSTED ON2018/10/05
Japan rugby top league watching x Kobe’s town exploration campaign Let’s shop and sightseeing、with a set &with watching rugby!

Rugby World Cup 2019™ Japan meeting venue in Misaki Park(Noevir Stadium Kobe)At、20th October 13:00(Sat)Kobe Steel Kobelco Steelers VS NEC Green Rockets 、will be held。For those who have tickets(semi-ticketable)for this game、we will implement a campaign that will allow you to shop &and sightseeing in Kobe conveniently.。
Would you like to enjoy Rugby watching and Kobe’s town exploration in a set? ?Details of each project are as follows.。
(We will inform you another event to do、on the day of the match 。)
1. Summary of top league matches
Schedule:20th October 13:00(Sat)13:00 Kick Off
Venue:Noevir Stadium Kobe(Kobe, Hyogo-Ku, Misaki-Cho 1-Chome 2-2)
Match:Kobe Steel Kobelco Steelers VS NEC Green Rockets
Ticket information:http://www.top-league.jp/ticket/
2. Japan rugby top league watching x Kobe’s town exploration campaign overview
●Planning 1● Ticket presentation、convenient shopping in Kobe!&Town tour!
・Campaign period:20th October 13:00(Sat)、October 21(Sun)
・Facilities、Each facility hours、Details of the campaign are as follows。

▼Target commercial facilities

[1]Daimaru Kobe store

Business hours:10:00 to 20:00
▽Discount Details
Present coupon available in store cafes, restaurants and food shops
Present your ticket at the 1st floor information center.。

[2]Kobe Marui

Business hours:11:00 to 20:30(Sunday and National Holiday: 10: 30-20: 00)
▽Discount Details
You can receive gifts and discount services at shops in the shop.。
(Check target store / benefits contents on the Halloween photo spot poster on the 1st floor of Kobe Marui)
*Present a ticket at the shop target store.

[3]Kobe port Tower

Business hours:9:00 to 21:00(admission is until 20:30)
▽Discount prices
Admission fee
大Adult(over high school student)700 yen to 600 Yen
Child(elementary / junior high school student)300 yen to 250 Yen
* Common tickets with Kobe Maritime Museum · Kawasaki World are not eligible for discount

[4]Kobe Maritime Museum

Business hours 10;00 to 17:00(admission is until 16:30)
▽Discount prices
Admission fee
Adult(over high school student)600 Yen to 500 yen
Child(elementary / junior high school student)250 Yen to 200 yen
* Common tickets with Kobe Port Tower are not eligible for discount

[5]Moegi hotel

Business hours:9:00 to 18:00
▽Discount prices
Admission fees
350 yen to 300 yen
* Free up to high school students

[6]Arima Onsen-kin-no-Yu

Business hours 9:00 to 22:00(Admission is until 20:30)
▽Discount prices
Bath fee
Adult(junior high school student and above)650 Yen to 520 Yen
Child(Elementary school)340 Yen to 270 yen
* Infant Free

[7]Arima Onsen Gin-no-yu

Business hours 9:00 to 22:00(Admission is until 20:30)
▽Discount prices
Bath fee
Adult(junior high school student and above)550 Yen to 440 Yen
Child(Elementary school)290 Yen to 230 yen
* Infant Free
· All rates are displayed including tax.
・ Only one person 、can use it with one ticket
· Can not be combined with other discount service.。
· When you are crowded you may have to wait.。

●Plan 2● Enjoy sake at Nada Gogo! with like Facebook!!
・Come to the booth at the Noevia Stadium on the day、Nice Facebook page 2019 Rugby Kobe Kobe Tourism Board and persons who have、for the event for the following events .(500 yen)The giveaway.

[1]Nada sake brewery visit sake Brewery tour bus

Implementation period:October 20, 2018(Sat)From 11/25(Sun).
Sat、Sun、And public holidays only
Click here for more information:http://www.city.kobe.lg.jp/information/press/2018/09/20180925142002.html

[2]Nada’s Sake Brewing Tour

Implementation period:20th October 13:00(Sat)11:00-4:30 PM
Place::Higashi YuenChi(6-Chome Kano-Cho, Chuo-ku, Kobe City)
Click here for more information:http://www.city.kobe.lg.jp/information/press/2018/09/20180921142201.html