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POSTED ON2018/12/06
~ Let’s move on natural grass ~ Rugby experience for girls, we are looking for participants!

The 27th Japan High School Women’s Football Championships (* 1) will be held in Hyogo Prefecture from Thursday, January 3 (Thur), 2019, until January 13 (Sun) of 2019.
Before the final game on January 13, 2019 (Sunday), in accordance with the event schedule, we will carry out a girls’ rugby experience experience at an auxiliary stadium in the Kobe general athletic park, with the aim of bringing visitors to rugby.
Next year in 2019, the Rugby World Cup 2019 ™ will finally be held in Kobe.
It is a great opportunity to touch the rugby with a sense of game feeling easily on the ground of natural turf.
Let’s join us.

1. Date and time
Sunday, January 13, 2019 (Sun) 10: 00-12: 00 (9:30 reception start)
2. Venue
A supplementary stadium in Kobe General Athletic Park (Midoridai, Suma-ku Kobe, Kobe City)
3. Contents
‘FIVES’ Rugby former Japan representative, Mr. Kouji Tomioka will tell you!
Mr. Koji Tomioka
Rugby former Japan national team member
PRAS representative director
Image picture of rugby experience (FIVES)
5 people vs 5 people in a small coat (20 m × 30 m) for 5 minutes.
In the competition that aims at tri so as not to be deprived of the exclusive tag attached to the waist,there is no “tackle” and “kick” in likly Regular Rugby, even beginners can enjoy it safely regardless of age and gender.
(Japan’s first “Impact Beyond 2019” (* 2) official project)

4. Target / recruitment number
· Women over 4th grade in elementary school (no rugby experience required)
· 50 people (lottery)
※ On the day of preparation, we will prepare class-specific experiences according to existence of experience.
* Since there is time to practice such as rule explanation and throwing a pass at the beginning, those who have never played in rugby can also participate with peace of mind.
※ On the day, please come with exercise clothes and athletic shoes (spike not allowed).
5. Entry fee
free. There are participation awards.
6. How to apply
Internet From the following URL site, or with a postcard.
Application URL:https://kobecity-official-event.jp/form/199
Application deadline: In case of postcards, you must arrive on Friday, December 21, 2018.
In the case of application from the Internet, it is until 17 o’clock the same day.

Regarding the result, we will contact you (or by postcard) on 26th December.
· In the case of a postcard application
Please fill in the postal code / address, telephone(mobile) number of the representative, name (furigana) and age of all the participants (up to 3 people) and age, rugby experience, Kobe City International sports room rugby experience staff (〒650-0032 Kobe Itochocho, Chuo-ku, 121 Itocho Building 2F).