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POSTED ON2019/04/26
In “Infiorata Kobe 2019”,A picture of the flower of Rugby World Cup 2019TM Kobe will be drawn

Kobe, the host city of Rugby World Cup 2019, will open in September. We will announce that the design of Rugby World Cup 2019 will be drawn as one of the flower paintings at Kitanozaka site of the event “Infiorata”, which is well-known as a spring feature of Kobe. We will work to make the event even more exciting.。 

1.Event schedule 
April 27 (Saturday) to April 29 (Monday and Public Holidays) 
Kitanozaka (Yamamoto Dori, Chuo-ku, Kobe City) 
3.About Infiorata
Event to draw and appreciate a picture pattern with a petal etc. on a road or an open space(in inside event space). 
As for the details of “Infiorata kobe 2019″(Japanese)
4.About flower painting 
For production of flower picture beginning from about half past 9 on April 27 (Saturday),Children will attend to this event as a rugby school in Kobe.
flower painting
flower painting