Kobe Rugby Information Rugby World Cup 2019TM Information from Host City Kobe.

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POSTED ON2019/06/05
The holding of Rugby Week in KOBE 100 days to start Rugby World Cup 2019™ tournament. The town of Kobe is excited with rugby!

It will be about 100 days from Wednesday, June 12 until the opening of Rugby World Cup 2019™, which will start on September 20, 2019.
Around this period, various rugby events will be held as “Rugby Week in KOBE” in order to boost the town of Kobe with rugby and to greatly enhance the momentum for the tournament. As applications for 【4】 and 【5】 are accepted, please apply.
【1】Rugby World Cup 2019™ Japan Tournament 100 days in Kobe
1. Date and time
June 15(Sut), 2019 11: 00-17: 00
2. place
Harbor Land Space Theater
3. Contents
Rugby experience corner, stage event, stamp rally etc
※ Details will be announced later.
4. Sponsored
Kobe City
(Reference) Rugby World Cup 2019™ ticket sales information
· Third General Sales (First-come) on sale
・ Official resale service May 31(Fri) 18:00 start
・ Fourth General Sales (First Arrival) August (date not determined)
【2】Kobe Rugby Fun Zone 2019
1. Date and time
Saturday, June 15, 2019 11: 00-17: 00
2. Venue
Duo dome (JR Kobe Station south side basement)
3. Contents
Rugby experience corner, stamp rally etc
※ Details will be announced later.
4. Sponsored
Kobe City
【3】The 47th Hyogo Prefectural Phoenix Rugby Festival
1. Event date
June 9(Sun), 2019
2. Venue
Kobe General Sports Park (Univer Memorial Stadium and Auxiliary Stadium)
3. Admission fee (only on the day ticket, sold at the venue)
General 1,000 yen
High school student 500 yen
Junior high school student or less is Free
4. Match cards etc
(1) Univer Memorial Stadium
12:30 Hyogo Prefecture Amateur Selection vs Hyogo Prefecture Club Selection
14:30 Kansai Gakuin University vs Kansai University (The 42nd Regular Battle)
(2) Auxiliary stadium
10:00 Hyogo Prefectural Physical Education Competition Boys’ Part (High School) Seeding Battle
11:20 Hyogo Prefectural Physical Education Competition Boy’s Club (High School) Final
12:45 prefecture rugby school third and fourth grader interchange game
(3) Inside the venue, the goods will be distributed at the Rugby World Cup 2019™ PR booth. (The number is limited.)
5. Sponsored
Hyogo Prefecture Rugby Football Association

【4】Primary schoolchild rugby classroom
1. Date and time
Sunday, June 16, 2019 10:30 to 12:00
2. Place
Noebia Stadium Kobe Lawn Square
3. Target person
Elementary school students (50) living and attending Kobe City (beginners are welcome)
※ You will be able to experience a fun rugby with the Kobe Steel Kobelco Steelers players.
※ In the case of a large number of applicants, it will be a lottery, and the lottery result will be notified by a reply postcard.
4. Application method
Application by round-trip postcard (124 yen: 62 yen × 2)
(1) The following 1 to 4 are described in “Round credit” (back side)
1, desired classroom name (rugby)
2, ZIP code / address
3, Telephone number (Parent’s mobile number is acceptable as well)
4, Name, School name, Grade, Gender of all applicants
(2) Fill in the postal code, address, and name of the reply destination in “For reply”, and mail it to the following [Application].

[Application] 〒 651-0083 Chuo-ku, Kobe-shi Hamabe-dori 5-chome 1-14-55
Kobe City Sports Education Association “Rugby Class”
※ Wednesday, June 5, 2019 postmark effective
5. Sponsor etc
Organized by: Hyogo Prefecture Rugby Football Association, Kobe City Rugby Football Association, Kobe City Sports Education Association, Kobe City
Cooperation: Kobe Steel Kobelco Steelers, Sports Community & Intelligence Complex
※ We hold elementary school second grader exchange party (tag rugby) of prefecture rugby school at the same time as rugby classroom.
※The preseason match for Kobe Steel Kobelco Steelers, and the OB battle between Kobe Steel and Nippon Steel Kamaishi, which had been scheduled at Noebia Stadium Kobe on the same day, were canceled due to the venue.
【5】Gather! Kobe kid! Tag rugby funfan tournament
1. Date and time
June 29(Sut), 2019 14:00-16:30
2. place
Kobe Gakuin University Port Island Campus
3. Target person
Primary school children (parent and child, brothers can participate)
4. Contents
Part 1 14:00 Special Lecturer Mr. Toshiaki Hirose (As former player of Rugby Japan National Team)
“The importance of chasing a dream”
Part 2: 15:10 Tag rugby meet
Part 3: 16:10 Summary
※ The end time is scheduled for 16:30
5. Application method (one of the following 1 or 2)

1, Make LINE friend registration from the QR code in the flyer.
2, Fill in the back of the flyer and fax it (Fax number 078-303-0175).
Application deadline: May 31 (Fri)
※ Applications will be made on a first-come, first-served basis due to the ground conditions.
6. Sponsor etc
Organizer: Junior Chamber International Kobe
Supported by: Kobe City, Hyogo Rugby Football Association