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POSTED ON2019/07/25
New tourist site for people visiting Japan and abroad visiting Kobe Launched the website “TRY! KOBE”!

With Golden Sports Years starting this year, inbound people are expected to visit Kobe more than ever. Especially in Rugby World Cup 2019TM, which will be held from September to November this year, four games will be held in Kobe, and people from countries that have never visited Kobe will also visit Kobe.
Therefore, in Kobe City, a new tourist site “TRY! KOBE” has been established to provide tourist information, gourmet information, event information, etc. so that tourists in and outside of Japan who visit Kobe can enjoy the town of Kobe on such occasions. (Japanese and English language)



With the goal of the Rugby World Cup 2019TM game in Kobe “A lot of battles from the British countries” and “The game time is night,” Kobe day time and night rime will be comfortable for people coming from overseas, It is a site for many helps.


Site top page (Japanese version)


▼About “TRY! KOBE”▼
With the title of this website “TRY! KOBE”, everyone who visits Kobe directly touches the attractiveness of the town in Kobe and “TRY” (challenge) to create pleasant memories in the town in Kobe Just go! And, we, the townspeople of Kobe, and the people of the shop will try to “TRY” to satisfy the tourists with the feeling of maximum hospitality! We put the thought that.


2.Site COntents

[1]TRY! TOURISM KOBE (Tourism information)
We will introduce the tourist areas representing Kobe such as Arima Onsen, Rokkosan and Nada Gogou, and the facilities such as the “Takenaka Carpenter Tool Center” popular with foreign tourists, along with photos that convey their attractiveness, with “What can you do if you go to the tourist destination” as well.


[2]TRY! GOURMET KOBE (Gourmet Information)
We introduce individual store information mainly on “shops that can drink beer that can enter the store even after midnight”. In addition, in order not to be troubled even by people who do not know the place name of Kobe, we have devised devices such as searching for a store from the current location and indicating the directions from the current location to the store with arrows.


[3]TRY! JOIN KOBE (experience / event information)
We will introduce various events to be held in Kobe, including the “coming-to-be-come hospitality event” that creates bustle in Harborland and center towns.


Gourmet information top page (Japanese version)


Sightseeing information top page (English version image)


3.Site release date
(Japanese version) July 25, 2019(Thur)
(English version) July 31, 2019 (Wed)


(Japanese version) https://try-kobe.com/ja/
(English version) https://try-kobe.com/


・We will add information on store information, event information, and special feature information sequentially.
・A brochure that provides an overview of this site just before Rugby World Cup 2019TM
And, we are planning to create a booklet that gathers gourmet information.
We will continue to “TRY!” !