Kobe Rugby Information Rugby World Cup 2019TM Information from Host City Kobe.

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POSTED ON2019/08/16
One month until the start of the tournament Decorate of the Sanyo train for the Rugby World Cup 2019™!


It has been about one month until the opening of the Rugby World Cup 2019. With the cooperation of Sanyo Electric Railway Co., Ltd., we will inform you that the Rugby World Cup 2019 will be decorated on the body of the Sanyo train. Please get on the decorated train and feel the excitement for the tournament.


1. About the decoration period
From August 20, 2019 (Tue) to October 10 (Thu) (On planned)


2. About decorative section
From Sanyo Himeji Station to Hanshin Umeda Station


3. About decorative vehicles
3 formations (12 decorations per decoration)


4. About decoration contents
・ Door side stickers (9 types): Photos of 8 teams playing games in Kobe and introduction of Kobe held games and Host city mark
・ Vehicle head mark (6 types): Tournament official mascot “Range”

Door side stickers (8 types), Host city mark , Head mark (6 types)


5. Other
[1]About advertisements on the train
Rugby World Cup 2019TM Japan Tournament held in Kobe
A hanging advertisement is posted.

[2] Broadcasting of promotional videos

The promotion video from Kobe is broadcast on the display at the ticket gates at a total of 49 stations between Nishidai Station and Sanyo Himeji Station and between Shinma Station and Sanyo Aboshi.