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POSTED ON2019/09/17
Sightseeing tours for overseas media representatives visiting Kobe to cover Rugby World Cup 2019™ Japan Tournament in Kobe

Rugby World Cup 2019™ Japan Tournament takes place from Friday, September 20.

Here in Kobe, 4 matches will be held in “Kobe City Misaki Park Stadium”, one of the venues.

For the representatives from various media visiting Kobe during the tournament period, we are pleased to provide sightseeing tours in which participants can experience various charms of Kobe.

Please enjoy the tour packed with attractions of Kobe with its history, culture, nature and food and more on the day of the match before its kick off.


1.Schedule and courses

(1) September 26 (Thu), October 3 (Thu)


Course 1. September 26 (Thu), October 3 (Thu)
Theme: Top Kobe Brands: Kobe Beef Lunch and Sake Brewery Visits
1 9:45 Rotary on the south side of JR Kobe stn. Meeting point
2 10:00 Takenaka Carpentry Tools Museum The only museum specialized in carpentry tools in Japan. Special models with the finest traditional craftsmanship by today’s expert craftsmen are on display.
3 11:00 Nunobiki Falls Located on the mountain side of Shin-Kobe stn. along Ikuta River, the Falls provide sources of Kobe water. The spot is rated as one of “Japan’s best 100 waterfalls”. The season with fresh greenery or autumn leaves is an ideal time for walking along the trails.
4 11:00 Motomachi Shopping Street

(In case of rain)

“Motomachi” was named “the original town of Kobe” in In 1874. As a commercial center, the street has 300 stores specialized in clothing, various goods, gourmet foods and drinks and cafes featuring Kobe as port town.
5 12:00 Kobe Beef Lunch You can enjoy Kobe beef that continues to fascinate people from around the world.
6 14:00 Sake Breweries in Nada Rated as the best sake in Japan, Sake of Nada is appreciated nationwide. You can taste different kinds of sake at the breweries.
7 16:00 Kobe Misaki Stadium RWC Venue (End of tour) Sept 26 (Thu) 19:45 –
England vs United States,Oct 3 (Thu) 19:15 –
Ireland vs Russia

(2) September 30 (Mon), October 8 (Tue)


Course 2. September 30 (Mon), October 8 (Tue)
Theme: Kobe Harbor Excursion and Arima Hot Springs
1 9:45 Rotary on the south side of JR Kobe stn. Meeting point
2 10:00 Kobe Harbor Kobe Harbor is a sea side spot, with Kobe Port Tower and other symbolic landmarks that attracts attention. You can enjoy port-town feel of Kobe with cruises and shopping. Beautifully lit up at night, Kobe Harbor offers a fantastic night view.
3 10:00 Kawasaki Good Times World (In case of rain) The museum was established in 2006 by Kawasaki Heavy Industries with its history closely linked with the area since Kobe opened its port. It’s located on the adjacent space of Maritime Museum.
4 11:30 Arima Hot Springs Arima Hot Spring resort, also known as the Kansai region’s “back parlor,” is one of Japan’s 3 oldest hot springs, along with Dogo Hot Springs and Shirahama Hot Springs.
5 15:00 Arima Hot Spring streets On the streets with oldest hot springs with a view of Mt. Rokko, you can enjoy what each season has to offer: cherry blossoms in spring, fresh greenery in summer, leaves turning various colors in autumn, snow in the winter.
6 16:00 Kobe Misaki Stadium RWC Venue (End of tour) Sept 30 (Mon) 19:15 –
Scotland vs Samoa,Oct 8 (Tue) 19:15 –
South Africa vs Canada



2.Number of applicants

10 persons per day


3.Supported language

Japanese / English

* Each tour is accompanied by a tour operator and an interpreter.


4.Participation fee

Free of charge


5.Participation conditions

  • Media representative from Japan or overseas who is in Kobe to cover a rugby match
  • Able to complete a survey on the day of the tour.
  • Able to post about Kobe attractions in the press or social media



  • The content of the tours is subject to change without notice.
  • The sponsors accept no responsibility whatsoever for any inconvenience, difficulty, or accident that may arise during a tour.


7.Application for participation

TEL: +81-080-2453-3901


FAX: +81-078-392-3822

International Sports Promotion Office,

Citizen Participation Promotion Bureau, Kobe City

(Kinki Nippon Tourist Co., Ltd., Kobe Branch)



Click here to download the application form