Kobe's Rugby Information Rugby World Cup 2019 Toward holding Kobe

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POSTED ON2019/02/14
Decoration of the rugby world cup 2019 ™ on the subway car body! The excitement to the competition accelerates!

Along with Kobe hosting of the Rugby World Cup 2019, many watchers are using the Kobe Municipal Subway as an access to “Misaki Park Station” which is the nearest station of the Kobe City Osaki Park Ball Game in the match venue. We will inform you that we will decorate using the pictures of the competition team of the Kobe host game of Rugby World Cup 2019 on the subway car body as a means of strengthening the momentum to hold the tournament and strengthening during the period.

1.Subway car body decoration
(1) period
Subway Kaigan line: Sequentially from February 15 (Friday)
Subway Nishijin / Yamate Line: From February 23 (Saturday) to Sequential

(2) Contents
Body decoration: host city mark, match schedule and participation team held in Kobe
host city mark
Head mark: Official mascot “Ren-G”
(3) Scale
Subway Kaigan line: 10 Train organizations (10 in total)
Seishin Subway Seishin / Yamate Line: 7 Train organizations (28 total)
2.Advertisement posting on the subway premises
In order to further develop the momentum for hosting the Rugby World Cup, we will submit various types of advertisements to the subway premises.

(1) Contents
· Sannomiya · Hana-tokei Advertisement posting on the wall of the station
· Display stickers to the ticket gates at the main station
Ticket check machine sticker
· Shin-Kobe Station, Sannomiya Station, Sannomiya · Hana-tokei-mae Station, Shin-Nagata Station (West God · Yamanote Line), Advertisement display on the decorative signboard of Meitani Station
· Rugby World Cup logo on floor of main station
(2) Submission period
It will start posting from February and post it until November 10, 2019 after the end of the Rugby World Cup.