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POSTED ON2019/02/06
Training for counter terrorism in large-scale international events

On February 17 (Sunday), Hyogo Prefecture Citizens’ Protection Joint Training will be carried out in Heisei 30th.
This is a large-scale training using the Kobe City Osaki Park Ball Game Center (Noevier Stadium Kobe), which is the match venue, assuming the rugby World Cup 2019 ™ game day that will start on September 20 this year.
In the training, it is assumed that someone is spraying chemical agents at the stadium, many injured people are out, and furthermore explosives are set on the Osaka Park Station, the nearest station, trainings such as rescue and rescue of spectators by related organizations such as Kobe City Fire Department, Hyogo Prefectural Police, SDF, etc., induction of evacuation, treatment of explosives, and rescue of injured person by medical team will be conducted.
We are also in charge of the Rugby World Cup staff and will participate as an evacuation guide for the audience.
At the end of last month, a rehearsal was conducted to simulate smooth movements in training, fire brigades, police officers, self-defense officers and others wearing uniforms and protective clothes were checking seriously.
We will prepare for a safe and smooth event to be held for holding the Rugby World Cup Kobe.
Let’s watch it together!
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